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Upcoming Events

Seattle Meetup

  • Seattle Meetup - 07/29 & 07/30 - Please contact Shua Verde if you plan to attend so he can follow up with venues to make/adjust reservations.
    • Friday, 07/29 - We will be meeting up at 12:00pm at The Black Duck Cask and Bottle in Issaquah for lunch and cocktails followed by some sightseeing around Seattle's Eastside towns and then dinner at Sushi Cafe in Renton. After dinner, plans are flexible, but possibly either heading to the Snoqualmie Casino, or to Shua's home for cigars and cocktails.
    • Saturday, 07/30 - We will meet for breakfast/brunch at 10:00am at TBD before venturing into Seattle for some proper tourism (Potential sights include Pike Place Market, the pier, Seattle Aquarium, the Space Needle, and other locales). We'll grab dinner at Dick's Drive In before deciding what to do with the remainder of the night.

Past Events

GCX 2022

The GCX Steps 


Welcome to GCX! 


Birbs in lobby

St Cephalopod welcomes you to GCX

Backside of the Rosen

GCX Main Stage

Admins meet in person (Witty and Ceph)

Witty, Ceph, and Will (my golf buddy and not-Destiny player)

Uhmaayyze during the Opening Ceremony

Rukari & Sam Seum Hosting

Kenny Vaccaro and Makowski casting the 1v1 Tournament

Broman before the Minecraft Finale

Meteoran Corps Panel featuring Byf 

Lore Panel with Byf and virtual guests MyelinGames, Ishtar Collective, Scarlet Rebel and HeyItsOrchid

Q+A with Todd Haberkorn (Drifter) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra - Overwatch)

Minecraft Finale

Pherian Art

Kenny Vaccaro aka G1 Savage

CardboardArm Man

Big Daddy Teej with some fantastic cosplayers

Freak Is Fire 

Ceph with EmeryEXP and BlackDahlia



Witty and the 2 Kevins - Broman and KevinXVision

D Flawless

Witty w/EmeryEXP


Eric and Peter from AdvancedGG at the after party