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    Nora and the Six Descendants

    Hello, Clan Truth!

    My name is DruBlueDeux, aka Drew. I’ve been in Clan Truth since about May 2018 in the second Truth roster, Archaic (may it rest in peace. If you don’t know the story just ask an admin). I’m a physical therapist by trade and have been playing Destiny since Beta, originally a Warlock main but the past few seasons I’ve been playing Titan a lot. 

    Anyway, let’s get to the point of this special blog post. Shua asked me to share the story of our raid group, how we formed and how we’ve been raiding for 2 years together with only missing a handful of weeks during that time. 

    The Origin Story

    I had to take a break from playing D2 during Shadowkeep mainly due to graduating from PT school, moving, starting a new job, and being a father to my daughter who was born a month before I graduated school. I wasn’t raiding consistently and my previous raid group had moved onto PC so wasn’t able to play with them much (no cross play at that point). Raiding was something I loved about D2 and I was missing it during that time. 

    When Beyond Light came out, I felt like it was time to get back into raiding and I wanted to give DSC a go. I did a LFG in the clan and got that first clear, and decided I was going to go for the Descendent title. So that next week I made a Charlemagne post for an all Warlock run to start the journey to Descendent. Little did I know that group would become my best friends in a matter of weeks and we’d be raiding to this day. 

    You just know when you have a good group. And Kingspinach, PsychoSeraphX87, Naughty Nerdy, Fangfireskull, and Guard226Duck all performed admirably during our first DSC run. We just had good chemistry, so I asked them if they wanted to run it again the next week to get the seal, and everyone agreed. 

    We got through all the triumphs, did the challenges, and everyone got Eyes of Tomorrow within 15 runs. 

    Well except for one person, me. 

    Tuesday after Tuesday, we ran DSC and Taniks three times so I could get EoT and get the title. It became a meme around run 30. I basically had zero hope after 40 runs and I’m pretty sure they were just sticking around because they felt sorry for me and were dragging me through the raid every week. 

    It took us 65 runs before I got it to drop.

    Everybody celebrated when I got the drop and we could all sport the Descendent title. At that time we had named our group chat Dru and the 5 Descendents since I didn’t have the title, but after getting it we had to rename the group. I suggested Nora and the 6 Descendents after my daughter, who is the patroness saint of our group. Everyone loved the idea so it just stuck.

    Where We Are Now

    Doing the same thing 65 times in a row is insanity for some but it brought all of us together in ways I didn’t know possible. We’ve been there through the thick and thin, from Naughty changing careers, Guard starting schooling again for construction stuff (idk dude ask him it still confuses me he’s an electrical engineer), Fang finally passing calculus, Psycho moving from Las Vegas to Minnesota with his significant other, Spinach buying a house, and me changing jobs and venturing into starting my own business one day. 

    The guys were there for me when my grandfather passed away in August of this year from an 8 year struggle with trauma induced dementia from a car wreck. I remember us just playing together and they were just supporting me the whole time I was grieving and letting me talk through my feelings. 

    On days where it just felt like the world was against us, we reached out to the others in the group for support and encouragement. I honestly feel like these guys have helped push me to be a better person and I think they feel the same way. 

    I remember many long nights of us just playing Destiny and talking about our struggles and helping each other through it all.

    Since the DSC days, we’ve added a few more titles to our group name. We completed Garden of Salvation title before Witch Queen, Day One attempt on Vault of Glass, Day One attempt Vow of the Disciple and eventually getting the title, and got the title for King’s Fall just recently. 

    We started the Secret Santa tradition last year per Spinach’s suggestion and thought it was an awesome idea, so we all drew names from a website we found and sent each other gifts last year. We did it again this year, making sure no one got the same name from last year, and we spent time in the Tower this past week opening gifts, sharing a drink or two, and reflecting on all the fun times we had together as well looking ahead to Lightfall and the challenges we will conquer then. 

    I love these guys and hope we can meet in real life at some point, but for now loading up into a raid on Tuesday nights will be just fine for me. 

    If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading! And thank you, Shua, and all the admins, for giving me this opportunity to share our raid group’s story and how Clan Truth brought us together. I hope this story helps inspire everyone from old and new members to ask for help and make some new friends. They may just run DSC 65 times for you to get a gun that is subpar at best and get a vanity title.

    Seattle Meetup

    Jack  & Shua had some XXX time together...


    Jack, Shua, & Noctilucent met up for lunch at Black Duck and then went on a tour of Noctilucent's dance studio


    Jack, Shua, Noctilucent, Infermezzo, St Cephalopod, and Mrs. Cephalopod had some wonderful sushi


    Jack, St Cephalopod, and Mrs. Cephalopod did some tourism


    GCX 2022

    The GCX Steps 


    Welcome to GCX! 


    Birbs in lobby

    St Cephalopod welcomes you to GCX

    Backside of the Rosen

    GCX Main Stage

    Admins meet in person (Witty and Ceph)

    Witty, Ceph, and Will (my golf buddy and not-Destiny player)

    Uhmaayyze during the Opening Ceremony

    Rukari & Sam Seum Hosting

    Kenny Vaccaro and Makowski casting the 1v1 Tournament

    Broman before the Minecraft Finale

    Meteoran Corps Panel featuring Byf 

    Lore Panel with Byf and virtual guests MyelinGames, Ishtar Collective, Scarlet Rebel and HeyItsOrchid

    Q+A with Todd Haberkorn (Drifter) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra - Overwatch)

    Minecraft Finale

    Pherian Art

    Kenny Vaccaro aka G1 Savage

    CardboardArm Man

    Big Daddy Teej with some fantastic cosplayers

    Freak Is Fire 

    Ceph with EmeryEXP and BlackDahlia



    Witty and the 2 Kevins - Broman and KevinXVision

    D Flawless

    Witty w/EmeryEXP


    Eric and Peter from AdvancedGG at the after party