Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight - Sgreaments

Welcome once again to our Clan Truth Community Spotlight! This week, we are highlighting Sgreaments!

CT: So Sgreaments, let’s learn about you. First of all, what line of work are you in?

Sgreaments: I usually describe what I do to people unfamiliar with my specific line of work as just “IT Consulting”. What I actually do is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system consulting. I do lots of custom automation, integration, accounting flows, operations & planning reporting, financial reporting, warehousing, and general data management & alteration. Very fun field to be in for consulting, as I get to work alone in my office, doing business virtually across the country. My father and I started the business together and it’s my dream job.

CT: What hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy, outside of videogames?

Sgreaments: I used to enjoy working out, reading, and watching lots of movies. Since early 2019, my free time is largely consumed by my wonderful children.

CT: What is a skill that you have that you take pride in?

Sgreaments: I really enjoy cooking for my family. I’ve recently tried to learn a lot about flavors, and it has paid off huge. It is enough that I can get my 2-year-old to eat just about anything I make now! (Sounds like you probably just make lots of chicken nuggies)

CT: Any fun facts about yourself?

Sgreaments: I had to have a corrective jaw surgery in 2017 that left me with 6 titanium plates and 17 titanium screws in my upper and lower jaw. Because of the surgery, I have a permanent numb spot (still have like 10% feeling though) about the size of a quarter on my chin.

CT: How long have you been playing video games and what are some of your earliest and/or favorite gaming memories?

Sgreaments: I’ve been playing as long as I can remember. Before I could even talk in full sentences, I remember helping my older brother play Doom 2 and him letting me push the “move forward button”. First real personal experience and love for gaming by myself was with Halo: CE.

CT: What are your favorite foods, music, movies, shows, etc.?

Sgreaments: I love Chinese and Korean food and could eat it every single day. I love Alt Rock, my favorite bands are Thousand Foot Krutch, Starset, RED (I have heard of none of these). Favorite movies are anything Spider-Man or sci-fi, favorite show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

CT: Is there any special story or significance to your gamertag?

Sgreaments: Nope, its literally meaningless and I pulled it out of my [Prison Wallet] (edited for our more sensitive readers). (I’ll tell the actual story in a below question).

CT: Let’s talk a bit about your history with Destiny, and with Clan Truth. When did you first start playing Destiny? What drew you to it?

Sgreaments: I started playing Destiny with the D2 beta. My friend talked me out of D1 because it was trash (he isn’t my friend anymore) (good riddance). Gave the beta a shot and fell in love with the gameplay. It’s been downhill since then.

CT: What is your primary/favorite class, and why?

Sgreaments: Titan because punch. Also, I like their jump the most. The supers and abilities have always been very fun to me.

CT: Tell us about your history with Clan Truth (how long have you been a member, how did you find us, what are your favorites moments and memories with the clan?)

Sgreaments: I joined the Clan back in Warmind after seeing a reddit post by Witty. After I wasn’t immediately banned for my terrible puns, I knew I’d found a home that would tolerate my presence. Some of my favorite memories are attempting Last Wish day one and beating Kali after 6 hours, only to find out we had no chance of DPSing Shuro Chi and called it. Besides that, I have always loved everyone razzing me for all the stupid shit I accidentally say. It’s often.

CT: If you could remove any one weapon from the game, which one and why?

Sgreaments: This might be controversial, but Le Monarque. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot stand that bow. (You were supposed to say shotguns)

CT: If you could design an exotic weapon or armor, what would it be?

Sgreaments: An exotic arm piece that gives Ballistic Slam extra damage depending how high you slam from and gives an extra charge as well. Would be called “Gravitational Gauntlets”

CT: Alrighty, standard questions out of the way, let’s move on to the stuff people really want to know about you. First of all, what is the deal with your name? Why is it “Sgreaments”? What does that mean? HOW DO YOU SAY IT?

Sgreaments: Everyone who has seen me type in the discord knows I misspell words almost every single time I type something (can confirm, I have had to do a lot of editing). One day we were talking about Twitch streamers in general chat and I asked, “What kind of percentage do sgreaments get on their subs?” How on earth I misspelled streamers that bad is beyond me. It stuck from there. I used to pronounce it “ess - grih - ments” but it’s easier to say “scream - mints”, so that’s how I say it now. (1. You’re joking right? I don’t know how that typo is even possible. 2. I like skree-mints myself)

CT: What have you done with the real Kripplex?

Sgreaments: He’s alive inside each and every one of us. (Gross) The name does live on through some of my other online profiles that don’t have options for name changes.

CT: What jobs have you had over the years that you have loved and/or hated the most?

Sgreaments: I worked as a shipping manager for an RC parts store, which was ok. Since then, I’ve been doing consulting. Just this last month I tried driving for Uber Eats as a temporary thing, but I’m done with that, it’s the literal worst. (You claim to be a dad, but you failed to make the obvious food pun and say, “it’s the literal wurst”. Our disappointment is real)

CT: I noticed that you have been online more lately. Did you finally take our advice and “go out for cigarettes”?

Sgreaments: Don’t tell Bungie, but it’s not me online this much. It’s actually my kids farming on my account for me. I just get to talk about all the cool loot they get for me. What’s the point of having children if you don’t profit off them? (this is a joke; my kids are my world)

CT: Why haven’t you produced any more fake TWATs? Can you tell us again about your very plausible theory about Oblivion & Saylor?

Sgreaments: Honestly, I just didn’t think there was the demand for it. I could probably start prototyping the next TWASM (This Week at Sgreaments’ Mind). As for my theory (seems offensive to call it that because it’s the truth), I know that Oblivion and Saylor are the same person. PROOF? // 1. Both promoted to clan admin of ST at the same time in a power grab move. (does this mean Duchess and Shua are the same person???) 2. They both want me to quit my job to play more Destiny. More game time = more clan dues. Two accounts means you get twice the share. You double dipping bastard. // If you aren’t convinced already, please visit the March 23rd, 2021 TWASM write up for more evidence, or just open your eyes. It’s not that hard to figure out.

CT: Who do you think is the sexiest admin?

Sgreaments: Clearly Shua. You could nestle up and take a nap in that beard. (Are you happy?! Is that enough to convince you to let me go? I’m done pretending to be the turtle-bot ok, it isn’t fun anymore). (It puts the lotion in the basket)

CT: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t covered yet?

Sgreaments: I’m officially launching my campaign for a spot the next round of Clan Admin elections. If you’d like to donate to the campaign fund, I take payment in the form of cash, cookies, and discord pings on Thursdays that say “GIB TWAB”. (And if you’re Pentad, any damned day of the week.)

CT: That sounds like a good place to wrap things up. Thank you, Sgreaments, it was great getting to know more about you!