Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight - Pentad

Welcome to our first Clan Truth Community Spotlight! For our first foray into this, we picked a community member who has been around for a while – Pentad!

CT: So Pentad, tell us a  little about yourself (without revealing any identifying information you don’t want to give away….but we still need your Social Security Number…..for reasons)

Pentad: I work as a senior engineer, in a liaison position, at a shipyard. The job involves a lot of procedure writing for craftsmen to accomplish particular job orders.

CT: Sounds technical! Aside from videogames, what hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy?

Pentad: I like to read (a lot). I tend toward fantasy, sci-fi, light novel, and wuxia genre. A particular favorite of mine is the Kurtherian Gambit, series and world, by Michael Anderle and company.

CT: What is a skill you have that you take pride in?

Pentad: I personally think I am a solid chef. I really enjoy making food to share with other people and in particular I like to use a smoker (when I am visiting my parents as my current condo does not allow grills, stupid multiple family dwelling laws). I can post pics in garden of salivation of some of the in-process/complete stuff if you would like.

CT: We do love some good pics of meat around here. Any fun facts about yourself?

Pentad: I am not banned yet, and I really like to play board games. Top Two are Gloomhaven and Terraforming Mars. (he says ‘yet’ with such confidence, think the admins need to handle that….)

CT: How long have you been playing video games and what are some of your earliest and/or favorite video game memories?

Pentad: I have been playing since Microsoft 3.1 (looking at you old school snake game) and SNES (Mario 3 is still the best Mario come at me). I played Mario with cousins when we would visit, but could never talk my parent into a system. The first system I actually owned was an Xbox 360 I bought freshman year of college.

CT: What are your favorite foods, music, movies, shows, etc.?

Pentad: Ramen, Sushi, Beer (Lagers and Ales only pls, IPAs are gross). I listen to mostly electronic music, and I think Disney Plus is one of the greatest things ever along with How I met Your Mother. (I’m sorry what did he say about IPAs? **warms up banhammer**)

CT: So let’s talk Destiny and Clan Truth specifically. When did you first start playing Destiny, and can you tell us about what drew you to the game?

Pentad: I have been playing destiny off and on since D1 alpha (lol). What drew me to the game was the Bungie showcase that made it seem like a true evolving world with weather and everything that they published after going independent. I will be honest and say I only played D1 off and on until Rise of Iron dropped because I was mainly playing FFXIV (and I am hyped for Endwalker in couple of weeks). Side Note: I am annoyed that Endwalker, 30th Anni and Halo all drop the same day. RIP sleep. (still seething about IPAs comment)

CT: So after all these years of Destiny, what is your primary/favorite class and why?

Pentad: Is there any class but WARLOCK. Honestly, I enjoyed Sunsinger a metric ton in D1, and then kept on enjoying the classes in D2. I miss self-res, lance, and Shatter so much (looks for sympathizers in the chat). I have really enjoyed the variety and utility that warlock brings with shadebinder, well, chaos, arc buddy, and devourlock.

CT: Tell the people about your history with Clan Truth

Pentad: According to discord, I joined the server in November of 2018. I joined CT then moved to FT for Last Wish Challenges. I would guess I used reddit to find the clan as I was looking because my clan at the time had like 6 people and I was the only active member. One of the best moments is still Chronicles of Zezo. To this day I am not sure whether they were trolling, English wasn’t their first language, or they were just bad at technology. Also, it has been great going for 24 hour clears with people I met in clan. The team I run with currently is Oblivion, Professor, Saint (Kabr), Shadow(shock), Billy( Bo Baggins), SRL, and Pope(PlatypusXIV). You will note we have more than 6, but we have had to rotate members for the last two because of IRL stuff for people. We did DSC (World #125 and #776) and Vault (World #2741) together. Vault was really rough for us. If it had been 1 week before I feel like we would have crushed it but 3(4?) of us had IRL commitments that day. Shoutout to FieryEnd to helping us finish in the 24 window. Before that we started with Lusilos and ended up post 24 hour with FieryEnd and Str8Monke for Garden of Salvation (World #457). Before that was Crown of Sorrow (World #1917, 3 days after drop), team ended as Lusilos, Shadowshock, Oblivion, Saint, and Miscalculated (now Zap), but started with Billy and SRL instead of Saint and Zap. (wakes up from dozing off)

CT: If you could remove any one weapon from the game, which one and why?

Pentad: Felwinter’s… I just flat don’t like Shotties and it exemplified everything about why I dislike them and the “W” key that they involve.

CT: If you could design an exotic weapon or armor, what would it be?

Pentad: I think I would love a Warlock exotic that converts Devour to Lance, and one that converts Slowva to Shatter. The one that does Lance would be called Spearman of Night (Arms). The one for Shatter would be called Void Breaker (Chest).       

CT: Let’s get to what the people really want to know who stuck around this far. What’s the deal with “Ban Pentad”? There’s even an emote dedicated to it in the Discord.

Pentad: I honestly can’t remember is has been around so long. I am not sure where it started and when. The oldest instance of “ban Pentad” in the discord I could find is from ADrunkenSaylor in Sept. 2019. But, I am pretty sure the banning meme started as soon as we founded Shattered Truth, and Saylor started joking about being able to ban me now that he was an Admin. And well, it went from there. The whole admin team and others have gotten streamers to say “ban pentad” (Lep, Jake, as well as Bungie proper during GCX). I think one of the best things was Witty commissioning the Ban Pentad emote that exists today, before that it was a ban hammer on my profile pic.(warming up the banhammer swing)

CT: Why haven’t you been banned yet?

Pentad: That’s a good question. I really have no idea. I am pretty sure that when I figure it out I will actually get banned.

CT: Why is your brother (Jack S Raymond) so much cooler than you?

Pentad: Uhh, that is a matter for debate. I would say I have my areas and he has his. I do know that we get together every Monday and play board games together. Any Gloomhaven fans here?

CT: Do you think you’re better than us since you found love and someone to marry? How is the married life.

Than Shua? (He sent me the questions), No. Than Disco, absolutely. Honestly, though she is better than all of you combined. Sorry, Not Sorry, guys.

(probably the one answer so far we can all agree with)

CT: What would you like to tell us that we haven’t already asked?

Pentad: Well, this is a good as time as any. I expect to be playing less after June/July of next year as I am joining Sgreaments in the Dad Game. :lepPOG:

CT: WOW Congratulations! Pen…Dad? Ban PenDad? We’re going to need some more emotes.

That concludes the first installment of the Community Spotlight. Our goal is to make this a weekly occurrence or close to it. Stay tuned until next time!