Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight - Noctilucent

“It’s TITS time!”

-Duchess Disdain

This week, we are sitting down with the Prince of Pirouettes, the Sultan of Swing, The Wizard of the Waltz, the Baron of Ballet, The Tenno of Tap, none other than our very own Noctilucent!

Hey Noctilucent, welcome to TITS. We’re all excited to have you here today. Let’s start out with an easy question. What do you do for work?

I own a dance and movement studio for adults. I teach tap dance, barre, and cardio, but my studio offers classes of all types like ballet, jazz, hip hop, barre, yoga, etc. (I'm pretty good at square dancing. Though, it’s much easier since someone is telling me what to do the entire time)

Aside from videogames, what hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy?

I enjoy hiking, playing board games with friends, and going out to the movies with my husband. If I lived closer to an amusement park, you’d find me riding coasters as much as possible.

What is a skill you have that you take pride in?

I’m a pretty good tap dancer. I also really enjoy digitally manipulating photos in Photoshop and think I’m half decent at that.

Any fun facts about yourself?

It’s not a “fun” fact per se, but I was adopted at birth by my adoptive mom. Growing up, it was always just the two of us. No other siblings. (She’s a badass)

How long have you been playing video games and what are some of your earliest memories with games?

I started playing video games when I was about 6 or 7 years old on our Apple II GS. I think I played Where in the World is Carmen San Diego on it. Oh! And Oregon Trail. (You have died of dysentery) My mom didn’t let me have a console back then. It wasn’t until the late ‘90s that my best friend and I were obsessed with Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City on our computers.

What are your favorite foods, music, movies, shows, etc.?

I love fair food. Love me some elephant ears, churros, and funnel cakes. (Elephant ears are pure heaven)

My TV show likes are all over the place… Schitt's Creek, Deadliest Catch, Million Dollar Listing, and Will & Grace are some of my faves.

My music is all over the place too. I love just about anything in the “retro synth” genre, progressive trance, and bluegrass. (That took a sharp left turn at the end there)

Is there any special story or significance to your gamertag?

I used to study weather. Noctilucent means “night illuminating,” and there are some of the most beautiful clouds that we can only see after the sun has set called “noctilucent clouds”.

When did you first start playing Destiny, and can you tell us about what drew you to the game?

I had a close friend that introduced me to the original Destiny. I was in love with the story and graphics and never stopped playing. He is the kind of guy that always moves on to the next best video game, and I bet he’s played a couple hundred different games since we played D1 together.

What is your favorite/primary class? Why?

Hunter all day. I love to be quick and agile.

Who has the best jump?

Hunter triple jump for sure! (Booooo)

If you could remove any one weapon from the game, which one and why?

I can’t stand getting killed by Crimson in PVP. Such a crutch weapon. Oh wait… and Sweet Business. (I asked for one)

If you could design an exotic weapon or armor, what would it be?

A chest piece that could absorb damage you take from enemies and converts that to your super energy, and abilities. (100% would call it Bishop’s Gambit)

If you could date any character(s) from Destiny, who and why?

Crow’s a little too emo for me, but he’s pretty hot and wouldn’t mind a one-nighter with him. (Caw caw)

What Destiny characters would you ship together that aren’t already?

Huh? (It’s how the kids say what fictional characters they want to see as a couple)

Okay, form 1A is complete, let’s get to the good stuff and learn more about the real Noctilucent already.

Tell us more about your dance background and your studio. How long have you been dancing? What made you decide to start your own studio?

My mom got me into dance classes when I was 6 or 7 years old. I started my studio because I’d been teaching adults how to tap dance and needed a formal space (And not rent space from other studios). I also wanted to quit my day job as a graphic designer so that I could spend more time with my dog during the day.

What is your favorite dance?

Tap dance. All day long.

What is your least favorite dance?

I’m terrible at hip hop. My body doesn’t move that way AT ALL.

Are you any good at square dancing?

Never tried it so I’d prolly be pretty terrible at it. (It’s really easy, they tell you what to do every time)

You’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shua in person a couple of times. What is your 100% honest opinion of him?

Shua? Well, he’s a very kind and thoughtful guy… very giving. He’s a great conversationalist and knows his Destiny lore much more than I could ever retain in my tiny brain. He has great taste in food, excuse the pun. (I’ve heard tell that he is a colossal asshole)

If pay, work hours, etc., weren’t an issue, what would be your dream job?

Roller coaster designer or Bungie game tester.

Who do you think is the sexiest admin?

I haven’t seen pictures of ya’ll, so I’m not sure. I’d have to say I like skinny guys and I’m not a fan of beards. Who does that leave? (So, Saint Kabr is your answer. Noted.)

What is the eeriest thing you have ever seen/encountered?

Seeing people shoot up drugs in downtown Seattle when I’d walk to work from the bus stop. Kinda surreal.

Describe what you were like at age ten.

I was always building a shit ton of things with Legos when I wasn’t in school or in dance class. I enjoyed swimming in our pool and going out roller skating and bowling with friends.

If you were handed $50,000 in cash and told it had to be used in the next 7 days to take a trip worth writing a book about, where would you go? What would you do?

I’d want to drive from the most northern part of Peru down to the most southern point of South America along Peru and Chile. Not sure what I would do… just take it all in, meet locals, eat great food, dance, and see some amazing fjords. (Better than seeing a bunch of mediocre chjevrolets am I right?)

Who is the best character on That 70’s Show? Defend your reasoning.

I’ve actually never seen that show. I know. Many heads shaking in disappointment right about now. (You need to fix that. Also, the correct answer is Red)

Pie, crisp, or cobbler? What flavor?

Pie. Anything lemon or peanut butter.

Who would win in a dance battle, Backstreet Boys, or NSync? What about in a no-holds-barred street fight?

Neither? No one wins when it comes to Backstreet Boys or NSync. haha. (I liked BSB…)

What is your dream vehicle?

I’d love to own a boat and travel around the West Coast. Too bad my hubby gets seasick at the sight of water. (If you let me fish from the boat, I’ll come along and provide your hubby with plenty of Dramamine)

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Maybe cliche, but I’d love just a few more minutes with my grandparents to tell them how much I loved them and how much they meant to me.

Tell us two truths and two lies about yourself.

I’ve been married to a woman before marrying my husband.

I’ve visited all US states except Alaska.

I changed college majors 4 times.

I had sex on a basketball court in the middle of a neighborhood.

What made you laugh the hardest you’ve ever laughed in your life?

I seriously can’t remember. Sad.

Do you have any phobias?

Spiders and insects crawling on me.

Who would win in a fight, you or Pentad?

Who’s Pentad? Prolly Pentad since I’ve never been in a fight. (Some guy that gets banned a lot but still finds his way back)

Why are you the way that you are?

Because of all the different types of jobs I’ve had over the years. Because of my mom’s teachings. :)

If you could wake up tomorrow being a master of a musical instrument and join any band in the world, what instrument would you play for what band?

I’d love to know how to play the banjo and I’d love to be a member of “Trampled by Turtles”. (I have no idea who they are, but I love the band name)

What is your favorite color, and why?

Gray. It allows other colorful things to pop in contrast.

If you were a meal, what would you be?

Nachos. Lots of layers and yumminess.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

That I’m really good at teaching tap dance and running my dance studio.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I went skydiving for my 30th birthday.

What is the most embarrassing story about yourself that you’re willing to share?

I accidentally ended up in a three-way when I thought we were just gonna watch Jurassic Park 3. But I guess I should have seen it coming, because now that I think about it… who REALLY watched JP3? (And here I thought I was the only one I knew that has ever had an accidental three-way)

What is your personal theory as to how Banditt lost her hand?

She prolly just got a little too touchy feely with someone and they weren’t having it. They whipped out their sword and took it off.

Are you coming to Truth Con?

Absolutely. Wouldn’t miss it! When and where is it again? (Keep an eye out for an announcement soon)

Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

Nope. Soup should be hot. Cereal should be cold. (So what the fuck is gazpacho then?)

If you could have a well-trained exotic pet of any kind, what would it be?

I’d love to own an arctic fox. They are cute and not too big.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t covered yet?

Hmmm…. Can’t think of anything. Thanks to everyone in our clans for being a part of this awesome community!!!

Thank you for your time today Noctilucent! It was a pleasure getting to learn more about you!

We will have a special guest host for next week’s TITS!