Thursday Interview Truth Spotlight - Shadowshockk

With The Witch Queen making its long-awaited debut last week, we took a break from our regularly scheduled programming to let everyone dive deep into Savathun’s throne world and feel the power of crushing some hive ghosts in the palm of their hand. Now that the paracausal dust has settled just a little bit, we return to doing what we do mediocrest! Welcome to our Clan Truth Community Spotlight! This week, we are sitting down with the terror of Trials, the powerhouse of pvp, the crusher of the crucible, the sensational Shadowshockk!

Hey Shadowshockk, welcome to TITS. We’re all excited to have you here today. Let’s start out with an easy question. What do you do for work?

I’m an engineer in the military, but my job right now is more of a logistician.

Aside from videogames, what hobbies or pastimes do you enjoy?

I like to hike, which has been awesome since I moved to the mountains last year. I’m also a huge hockey fan! (What about regular sized hockey?)

What is a skill you have that you take pride in?

I have this uncanny skill of making my wife jealous of whatever food I order at a restaurant. We could go somewhere for the first time and we’ll both order something and when the food comes to the table she almost always goes “aww damn that looks way better than my food!” (How often does she steal it from you?)

Any fun facts about yourself?

I’ve lived in 3 different time zones in the last 3 years and moved 3 times. (Are you hiding from someone?)

How long have you been playing video games and what are some of your earliest

I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember, probably my earliest memory was playing crash bandicoot and spyro on the original PlayStation. One of my favorite memories was skipping classes in college for launch of a WoW expansion, I was a solo player but damn it was still fun. (I do not miss those days. I can’t imagine being so addicted to a video game…)

What are your favorite foods, music, movies, shows, etc.?

I love me some good Mexican food. Spending a year in Texas sure had its perks. I’m a huge Star Wars and LOTR nerd, got a tattoo from each. (Mythosaur skull and Tree of Gondor).

What the fuck is a Shadlowshockk?

It’s a Shadowshock with an extra K because somewhere out there on playstation there is the OG (albeit not nearly as cool) Shadowshock. (Probably not nearly as handsome either)

Let’s talk a bit about Destiny and Clan Truth specifically. When did you first start playing Destiny, and can you tell us about what drew you to the game?

What initially drew me to the game was obviously the Halo/Bungie tie-in. I was a huge Halo fan and at the time Destiny came out, Halo was in my opinion going a little downhill. I started playing right around launch of D1. I have some good memories of the D1 days; playing through the new expansions were so much fun, the power fantasy was just so different than any other game out there and I absolutely believe the gunplay in Destiny is way better than any other game out there.

What is your favorite/primary class? Why?

I’ve always felt like hunter is my main, but I generally play an even split between hunter and warlock. Warlocks have more utility for me in PvE, though I haven’t played hunter yet with Void 3.0, but I always feel more comfortable on hunter in PvP. Warlocks are enticing with their dresses..err..robes..

Who has the best jump?

I’ll just rank them, best to worst: Titan, Hunter, no jump, Warlock. (It’s a good thing you’re pretty)

If you could remove any one weapon from the game, which one and why?

Probably Anarchy, not so much now but it was completely game breaking for a few seasons there. Completely trivialized most endgame encounters. Shoutout to Jotunn for being up there too. I’m just a Jotunn magnet in trials, it sucks. (At least you have Oblivion to carry you)

If you could design an exotic weapon or armor, what would it be?

I think a pretty unique exotic would be an exotic class item for each class that changed one of their abilities/class tree aspects to that of another class, i.e., a hunter gains the ability to proc sunspots at the cost of say getting another knife for a precision kill or losing the exploding/burn of their throwing knife. Just an example but you get the idea. And the actual class item is the same type of class item as the class they get the ability from. So, we’d see warlocks with capes and hunters with towels.

If you could date any character(s) from Destiny, who and why?

Riven, idk maybe she cursed the dreaming city because she was lonely? This is a weird question, but not that it surprises me from you. (I should be offended, but that’s a fair assessment)

What Destiny characters would you ship together that aren’t already?

Everyone says Eris and Drifter go together, but I think it should be Mara and the Drifter, just so much potential for mysteries and ambiguities there. (I like this ship, but only because I loathe both characters and long to see them perish)

We’ve covered the standard questions, now let’s move on to learning more about you.

Would you consider playing with Pentad a trial on its own?

For sure, but at least I’m not his brother.

How do you feel about getting bumped for Duchess’ interview one week, and for Shua’s laziness the next?

Honestly it wasn’t that bad until I got the questions and saw you even forgot to change the name at the top of the specific questions, and it still says Duchess. (Gotta keep up with that laziness aura I’ve not worked so hard to cultivate)

How does it feel to be the only one in your raid group without a day one VoG emblem?

Kinda bad, but on the plus side I get to actually use other emblems since I don’t have that one to flex. I’m not crying, you’re crying! (Do you want me to hold you? Please?)

What’s your favorite kind of water?

Sparkling water, can’t afford that Kirkland brand but I do have a sodastream so that’s pretty cool I guess. (I’ve been told I’m not allowed to buy a sodastream, since I would try to carbonate every liquid in the house... sparkling pickle brine anyone?)

When are you leaving Clan Truth for a more PC oriented” clan again?

Ouch, not anytime soon. Don’t worry everyone, I tested the market for you, any other clan sucks compared to Truth. (Accurate) I joined the clan back in 2018 I believe when I came back to Destiny after a hiatus, I was mostly a solo player for 6 or 7 months until right before Opulence when I did a couple raids with Pentad and Oblivion, and they asked me to join the raid group they had for day 1 Crown, and we’ve been a crew ever since. When I say there’s no other clan like Truth I mean  it, whether you’re a hardcore player or just like to get on and talk with people in discord, there’s always someone on doing something and honestly every day I open discord and feel like Patrick Star walking back to my rock to a billion eyeballs I don’t recognize. I’m far from an original Truther but the growth the last couple years is truly impressive and says a lot with how close everyone still is. (This place really is incredible, I love all of you)

Do you still need alerts on your phone to remind you to drink water when you’re not streaming?

I don’t actually have alerts on my phone to drink water? I’m not sure where this reference came from. But I do drink a lot of water anyway since it’s good for me! (I don’t know where it comes from either, I was told to ask it. Apparently you’re often dehydrated?)

Speaking of thirsty, when are you going to start streaming on a regular basis again?

Definitely not anytime soon, I’m getting an all-expenses paid trip outside of the continental United States starting in the next couple months until next year, so I definitely won’t be streaming for a while. (Well damn, good thing I have a folder of screenshots to tide me over… wait, was that out loud?)

Why aren’t you good enough to get 50 flawless cards in a single season?

Honestly, I’m kinda mad about that, it would have been cool to hit 50, but towards the end of the season, the player pool just nosedived off a cliff so it wasn’t the most fun games. I do really just enjoy playing trials, freelance was one of the best things they added to the playlist in my opinion. It was nice to have games where I felt like I had more agency in how the match played out.

What brand of backpack do you enjoy riding in while Oblivion carries you to flawless again and again?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one, I think probably those ones with the leg holes so I can wrap my legs around him when I get scared. (We need a picture of Oblivion carrying you in a Baby Bjorn… onehandedbanditt, a little help?)

It looks like you have nearly a full point difference between your k/d and ka/d. Do you feel like you have trouble securing kills or winning 1v1s?

Yeah, I’m just really bad at winning my 1v1s, most of my kills come from yoinking them from Oblivion. If it weren’t for me, he’d be well above 3.0 or something crazy like that.

We know you don’t really like PvP very much, so what is the highest number of playlist strikes you’ve run in a row?

I’m assuming you mean PvE here (Probably, I just copied the question that someone gave me), if we exclude nightfalls, we may hit double digits, just maybe. Though that could change, the new vanguard playlist seems a bit more enjoyable with adding battlegrounds to the playlist!

Do you consider DMT a crutch? Can you go flawless without it? Oblivion says you can’t.

Uhhh, noooooo really I promise it’s not a crutch. I can play without it, I swear! I don’t have the same roll on every character or something like that. That would be silly. I think Oblivion is right though, I always end up switching to it when we get in a game against a team that’s allergic to grass or something.

I heard you were in a Last Wish run recently for like 5 hours. On a scale of 1 to Pentad, how much of a casual do you have to be to not clear it in that time?

I’m honestly not even sure how this scale works, is 1 bad or is Pentad bad? Like high numbers/Pentad being very casual? If so then I’d go with like a solid 7, not too high, not too low. (I’m honestly not sure how it works either)

Were you worried about Spidfert leaving the shore?

I am kind of sad that we never get to see that joke again. Some context for this one, I don’t even remember how long ago this was but I went to type spider into Charlemagne and just mistyped it and somehow it was the funniest thing in the world.

What’s worse, pre-Trials rework cheaters, or playing with Pentad?

I know you’re giving me yet another opportunity to roast pentad but it’s not even close, cheater trials was hands down the worst PvP experience, it physically pained me.

If you were handed $50,000 in cash and told it had to be used in the next 7 days to take a trip worth writing a book about, where would you go? What would you do?

Alaska, I’d go up to Denali and just hike through the mountains.

What’s your favorite number? Defend your reasoning.

Forty-two. No.

What is the best girl scout cookie?

Tagalongs and I will fight you. (1000% the right answer. Fuck outta here with that Thin Mint nonsense)

What is the worst kind of bear?

Polar bears are just the meanest mothers out there. Sure, they look all cute but they scary man.

Fuck, marry, kill. Pentad, Oblivion, Saint Kabr. Go.

Fuck me…(If you’ve played with me, you get that joke) become polyamorous with Oblivion and Saint and kill Pentad I guess? (I’d watch this movie)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself that we haven’t covered yet?

I have a problem with bags. I’m talking duffel bags, backpacks, travel bags, fanny packs, and don’t even get me started on pouches so I can organize my bags in smaller bags. I have a bag for every potential use or situation. My newest bag is a pseudo camera/travel bag, that opens from the top and side so you can access what’s inside without removing it from your back. I don’t actually have a camera, but the organization of the bag is just too good to pass up. Anyway, feel free to ask me about my bag collection. (I’ve heard you collect a lot of teabags)

Shadowshockk, thank you so much for your time! It was great learning more about you!

This concludes this week’s installment of the Truth Interview Thursday Spotlight!