Vow of the Server Instability

With a bit of a shaky start, Vow of the Disciple has quickly cemented itself among the top raids in Destiny history for me. The early hours of the World's First race was filled with error codes and unsaved checkpoints, to the point that Bungie decided to extend Contest Mode for an extra 24 hours. A round of applause for every team that delved into the raid this weekend! Watching the #vow_of_the_disciple_day1raid channel as people wracked their brains and cheered in celebration in each encounter was amazing.

Our clan first clear was Old Guard, who cleared Contest Mode 24 hours and 31 minutes after release! Congratulations to @Oblivion, @Pentad Vortex, @Saint Kabr, @Billy Bo Baggins, @SRL, and @Professor for the clear, with an honorable mention to @Shadow who was with the group for the first 14 hours but couldn't get back on in the morning. @Shadow was able to get his clear with Old Guard later in the afternoon.

As for other Contest Mode clears, @Lusilos and @Slendy were each able to finish with two hours to spare using LFG groups! If your group was also able to clear the raid during Contest Mode, let us know to get a shout-out! Charlemagne only posts runs in which at least half the team is part of the Clan Truth Discord, so we won't know unless you say something.

Regarding the #vow_of_the_disciple_day1raid channel. We'll leave it up as-is for this week to use for all discussion related to the raid. Next week we'll re-post many of the guides and infographics into #endgame_meta and remove #vow_of_the_disciple_day1raid. This should allow anyone still looking to go in blind now that Contest Mode is done to do so.

Now for the in-game stuff. Team Scorched is the crucible rotator this week, and the new Lightblade strike is our nightfall. There's a new mission related to the exotic glaive weapon quest, and it's rife with lore on the raid if you stick around to explore after the Mission Complete dialogue. Feel free to discuss in #season_of_the_🍆_spoilers! We also should be getting Trials back this weekend, although we haven't had any confirmation on it. There's two new weapons to grind and we just got two reprised maps that could be added to the rotation!

One last bit of discord news. Bring out the confetti because Clan Truth now has over 1000 discord members! We are now open for Discoverability, which means we might grow even faster going forward. Note that this may also mean we get more bad eggs, so if you see something before we do, contact us! I'm always itching to swing that ban hammer.

Related to this, if any of our new friends are looking to join the clan, Ascendant Truth is the perfect destination! It's got a sexy red color and some sexy admins to match. The other clans are pretty close to full, so consider Ascendant for all your Truth-related needs.