This Week (Scratch That) YEAR At Truth

-This Week At Truth, we're looking back at what 2022 brought us, and looking ahead to the new year. We'll cover the in-game stuff first then go back through all the things that made 2022 special this year for Clan Truth.

-This is the final week of The Dawning. Bake those cookie for your favorite space grandma and finish up those Star Baker triumphs! The Nightfall is The Corrupted. Shaxx brings Momentum Control as the rotator. Bonus Trials ranks this upcoming weekend. Gambit.....exists. Vault of Glass and Grasp of Avarice are your rotating Pinnacles. Hopefully everyone isn't too burnt out farming Deep Stone Crypt for reds (I know I am......and didn't get a single one......)

-Okay THIS is now the last week you can donate to Game2Give. Bungie pulled a surprise at reset on us and extended fundraising until 12/31! That means you can still donate to Witty's and Shua's campaigns, earn some sweet loot in the process, bring some smiles to the kids the Bungie Foundation helps with this money, bring some pain to me and Shua (hot sauces and wheel of doom are the MVPs), and so much more. DID YOU KNOW.....The Bungie Foundation has helped make over 500 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation? The Loyal Companion emote is the result of a Make-A-Wish kid's dream to be part of the Destiny universe! Donations still available to be made at the links below!

Witty's Donation Link 

Shua's Donation Link

-Wholesome Clan Truth Moment inbound: Check out the Truth IRL page for a story on Nora and The Six Descendants, their raid team and annual Secret Santa gifting they do! 

-Did you see onehandedbanditt's hot fucking artwork yet? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Oh, you said yes? Well here it is again BECAUSE THAT'S HOW AWESOME IT IS!!!! Banditt did an amazing job, poured over a month of work into this project all because she loves us, this community, and she is capable of bringing this amazing talent of hers to life. 

-Now for the Clan Truth Year-In-Review!! We started off the year right before Witch Queen with our inaugural Raid Race! Oblivion's drafted team crushed the 4 active raids at the time in a span of 2hrs13mins52s! We hope to bring more of this into the community again this year. Saint Kabr started a podcast! If you haven't checked out the Massive Breakdowns Podcast Vs Enemies you are missing out! 

-In February, we opened up our 6th Clan roster The Ascendant Truth and launched the Clan Truth Website (that you're reading this on) all before Witch Queen dropped! Witch Queen was a blast of a DLC and, courtesy of onehandedbanditt we even got a cameo from Debra Wilson before launch to hype all of us up! The Old Guard came up first for Clan Truth in the Day 1 race again adding to their list of raid accomplishments. 

-During the summer we had numerous clan members meeting up in Texas, Seattle and Orlando! Getting a chance to hang with your clan buds in-person is a fantastic experience that I highly recommend. You helped us raise money for the Bungie Foundation, St Jude, and Guardians MH all year. Shua Verde was invited multiple times to be a featured streamer for Bungie Foundation fundraising and when all is said and done this community will have raised over $6000 this year alone for worthy causes! 

-When King's Fall returned The Old Guard captured clan first again (who could have seen that coming) with #662 for the Day 1, but we also had team completions by Thralls Deep and Maple Chutney in the contest mode! 

-A rarity here, but things grew so much this year (400 new Discord members) that we launched a second new roster in the same year! In the fall we launched The Hallowed Truth as our 7th clan roster! And who knows, maybe we'll be looking at number 8 by the time Lightfall arrives. 

-This year has been fun, trying, and everything in-between. We thank all of you for being along for the ride. We say goodbye to 2022 and look ahead to the new hype of strand, Lightfall, and what's to come from Bungie and the game we all play way too much of, Destiny 2. For one last time in 2022, Cheers!