This Week At You All Crushed It For The Bungie Foundation

-This Week At Truth, we're looking at some CRAZY numbers. Game2Give raised over $3.1 Million for the Bungie Foundation's philanthropic efforts. We raised $800 here from our clan efforts - a huge shoutout to all who donated and Cupcake for putting in the legwork of getting donations and emblems for those who contributed. 

-Witty and Luminous Zero have some more charity efforts this weekend if you're still in the giving mood. We are both participating in the GuardiansMH Level Up Mental Health Awareness 2024 Charity Stream this weekend. You can catch Luminous on the GuardiansMH twitch channel from 4-6PM ET on Saturday and Witty from 12-2PM ET Sunday. Incentives will be posted this weekend. 

-A new Riven's Wish quest is available this week to pick up and earn rewards. It is a double loot AND ranks week for Nightfalls, and the GM is The Corrupted with the Uzume RR4 Sniper as the reward. Double ranks and loot means its a good week for strikes. Crucible rotators are Mayhem and Elimination. Trio rotators are Vault of Glass raid, Shattered Throne dungeon, and Presage exotic mission

-We got news last week that Joe Blackburn is stepping away in the leadup to The Final Shape (after final internal playtests) and Tyson Green will be taking over, who's been a Destiny, Halo and Myth dev and longtime Bungie veteran. Looking forward to seeing how Tyson brings the direction post-Final Shape.

-Late TWAT, I got backed up on work and recovering from Megacon. My next con adventure might be Philly FanExpo in May and then Toronto FanExpo in August before NYCC in October. Drop me a line if you're attending any of these! I love my comic cons. Cheers!