This Week At Witty's Vacation Pictures (and other stuff I guess.....)

-This Week At Truth, I'm back bitches. I'm just going to show you pictures from my Eurotrip, we're not going to talk about that Destiny game because not like there's anything really going on. So here's some photos from my vacation to Munich, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. 

-Alright maybe let's talk some Destiny. Guess you could say it's a big day. At Noon ET/9AM PT we've got the much-anticipated Destiny Showcase. Here's all the links for where to watch, and a reminder you can get a special emblem from Twitch Drops if you watch the Twitch stream of the Showcase and after-show. Twitch and YouTube links here, if you're watching elsewhere figure it out yourself. Also, proceeds from any Twitch subs to the Bungie Twitch channel today will be donated to the Maui relief efforts. You can also donate and support the relief effort here! 

-We'll be following the same protocols as we did for the Lightfall showcase 1 year ago. There will be a Destiny Showcase thread in the #season-of-daddy-immaru channel. The Showcase content is on a 24-hour moratorium for all channels except that thread. This is the ONLY place to discuss the Showcase content for the next 24 hours. That means until Noon ET on Wednesday, any chat about the showcase outside of that will be deleted so people who have work/plans/timezone differences can watch at their leisure. This also allows us to keep the conversation in one place instead of split up amongst different channels. You will need the @Spoiler Channel Access role from #role_assign in order to view this thread. Once the new season goes live at 1PM ET, usual seasonal spoiler rules apply. and go in the seasonal channel only. 

-There should be plenty to check out next week, including the exotic rotator mission, weapon and armor tuning, new seasonal activity and more! The Lightblade is the first Nightfall, Rift and Momentum Control will be the Crucible rotators. Last Wish is the Pinnacle rotator raid and Duality is the rotator Dungeon. Also, we'll be adding the Exotic Mission rotator here as well - first week is Presage! 

-We should also learn the reprised raid today that's coming this season, the links are still the same and if you're looking for a team be sure to fill out the form and check out the spreadsheet. 

-Today is certainly a big day because we are all eagerly awaiting what the future will look like. The jokes are aplenty about "this is the make or break for Destiny 2" as usually happens each content cycle, but we want to remind everyone that we built this community to be a break from the typical mold, something that can shine even when things may seem dim. As we cruise into the new season, keep in mind why things around here feel different from other communities, because we've been around for 6 years and have no plans on going anywhere. Enjoy the show!