This Week At Witness-ing Lightfall

-This Week At Truth, Lightfall is here. Finally. Mission Accomplished. 

-Yesterday, we posted a massive reminder about protocols and spoiler rules for Lightfall. It is imperative you follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in warning and possible removal from the server. Our number one priority this week is to make sure everyone can enjoy the new DLC in whatever manner they choose. You can refer to the 2/27 post in #announcements in the Discord server with all of that information

-Important PSA for the Xbox gamers. There is a sign-in bug only affecting Xbox. Please refer to this Tweet and the steps in the thread to ensure you can play at launch. 

-Aside from the launch of Lightfall and Season of Defiance, we see the return of Proving Grounds to the Nightfall playlist. Once we know the weapon rotation for this season that will become a part of the weekly posts as well. Rift is the Crucible rotator. The Pinnacle rotator is off-balance to start the season, with Last Wish being the raid rotator but Prophecy is the dungeon rotator, possibly due to King's Fall getting added to the rotator list with a new raid coming.

-Speaking of new raid, no sense hiding it since the Destiny 2 Twitter account posted it, and our good old Charlie bot already updated with the name. Root of Nightmares is our next raid adventure, launching on March 10th at reset. If you have a pre-made team attempting the Day 1 or contest mode, let Witty know by Wed 3/8 for the infographic, include your Team members, Team Name, and any twitch links to watch the attempt. We will have specific rules for where and how to discuss the raid, world's first race, mechanics, and LFG'ing opening weekend. These will be outlines in next week's TWAT

-If you are going hard and diving into the new content today and this week, remember to hydrate, and take regular breaks. Self-care is important, even when pushing back the Darkness as it encroaches on us. Enjoy your fresh content, everyone. I'll be in New Orleans this weekend so next week's TWAT will have a fresh voice to take you into Day 1 raid week. Until then, cheers!