This Week at Witness-ed Lightfall

This week at Truth, Oblivion takes over. That's right, it's the return of our Lord and Savior, the Magic 8-Ball.

- We're now a week into Lightfall. Please remember to be mindful of spoilers in non-spoiler channels. If you have questions on what discussions should go where, refer to the 2/27 post in #announcements in the Discord server.

- On a related note we have my favorite time of year coming on Friday the 10th, new raid drop! Like last year we will create a discord channel specifically for discussion of the raid, along with its encounters, mechanics, and secrets. Please go to #root_of_nightmares for all your raid discussion needs until Tuesday the 14th. As with campaign LFG, you can post in the lfg channels with the name of the raid, but don't spoil any encounter mechanics in the post.

- Remember that we have a sign-up sheet to show interest in a day one team. If you're still looking, sign up! If you already have a team, this is your last day to submit the members and team name to WittyCalfX for the clan infographic. Include any Twitch/stream links if anyone on your team is streaming so the clan can follow along!

- Lightfall revamped the build system quite a bit, and with it there will likely be a lot of sharing and discussion needed. Remember we have a #build-discussion forum where anyone can share a build they've made or ask questions. We will create a pinned discussion for smaller questions, while feel free to make a full post for larger questions!

- For the weekly in-game stuff that's less interesting than a new raid, we have bonus Crucible ranks featuring Mayhem and our first Nightfall to be a Heist Battleground on Mars! The raid/dungeon rotators are Garden of Salvation and Grasp of Avarice.

- With that, we'll bring this TWAT to a close. Thank you for viewing my TWAT. Next week we'll go back to Witty's TWAT. He's gotta be an exhibitionist at this point, right?

--Oblivion, Disciple of the 8-Ball