This Week At Wishes

-This Week At Truth, Season of the Wish has gotten into motion! We've begun the search for Riven's eggs, played some Dungeons & [wish] Dragons this weekend, and continue our quests. 

-Season of the Wish story beats will continue each week, any and all story-related things go in our #season-of-dragon-tales channel so people don't get spoilered on anything. 

-Warlord's Ruin, the newest (and IMO most fun in a long time) dungeon in Destiny 2, dropped on Friday. Over the weekend we had a spoiler-ban on the dungeon so people could try it out blind if they chose to. Starting at reset today, spoiler ban on the dungeon is lifted, feel free to discuss weapons, strategies, builds, etc. for Warlord's Ruin freely. 

-This week, Iron Banner returns! Tribute is the new game mode. Here's the Bungie info on the new IB game mode: 

  • Players will be able to deposit Crests at tribute stations to earn points for their team. Banking many Crests at once can trigger a Hunt phase, which activates a special tribute station and increases the value of all Crests deposited for one minute of gloriously chaotic gameplay. Take care, as other Guardians won't be the only things guarding these high-value tribute stations. Caiatl will be watching, Guardians, so let's show her what you’re made of!  

Elsewhere, Birthplace of the Vile is the Nightfall this week. Crucible rotators (besides IB) are Clash and Showdown. With this IB week we also have Bonus Crucible ranks across all modes. Trio rotators are Garden of Salvation raid, Spire of the Watcher dungeon, and Presage exotic mission. 

-Quick hit items: the "Vault from anywhere" bug is staying, but it is getting worked on. Expectation is full implementation in The Final Shape. Thorn catalyst is out there as a possible drop from ritual playlists. Craftening emblem will be in your Collections if you played between Sept 15-21. 

-Happy December! There's a lot more coming this month and we'll be along for the ride for it all. Cheers!