This Week At Wild and Crazy Telesto Weekend

-This Week At Truth, we've signed over all rights and royalties (including Shua's OnlyFans profits) to the one true driving force of our universe, Telesto. Telesto has supplanted even the almighty 8ball, and there's nothing we can do about it. Embrace the chaos, worship your new overlord. All glory to Telesto!

Photon, photo gallery 

-We have agreed to terms with the almighty Telesto to remain in charge over here. The 8ball has successfully wrestled control back. All hail the 8ball! Which means its time for the standard weekly update nonsense. 

-Get ready to Erupt! Iron Banner: Eruption is back this week. For the new/returning players, Iron Banner is now only a twice-a-season event, but does now have it's own seal which can be earned and gilded each season. You can read about the Eruption rules and scoring here from the August 4th TWAB With Iron Banner we also get bonus Crucible ranks - making it a good time to work on Crucible resets as well! Momentum Control will also be up this week for Crucible game modes. 

-On the PvE side, Glassway is the Nightfall this week with the D.F.A hand cannon as the weekly drop. The Pinnacle rotators are Deep Stone Crypt and Shattered Throne. With DSC getting a weapons' refresh next season this would be a great opportunity to jump back into the raid, shake off the rust, or even give it a first go before next season. DSC is a relatively easy raid, only having 4 real encounters and a high-success boss melt at the end. 

-we do have another hotfix with downtime today at reset (which remember is 1-hour earlier thanks to US timezone changes).  

-Join Professor (who by the time Saturday rolls around probably still won't have Touch of Malice) on Saturday November 19th in the Discord for a Clan PvP Night! Fun starts at 7PM ET - if you've never joined one of these I highly recommend for the fun, laughs, and shenanigans galore. 

-Reminder you've got 2 weeks left to submit your #holiday_art_picture

-One of our own members, OldMateClown, is participating in Movember and raising money for his campaign. Movember supporters can go to this link and donate (note: donations are in Austalian dollars, so $1 USD = $1.50 AUD)

-With 3 weeks left, enjoy your reset, Guardians. If there is something that pops up that gets us feeling that Telesto-mojo again, just be sure it goes in the proper seasonal channels. Onwards to Eruption!