This Week At We're a Diablo Clan Now

-This Week At Truth, we're a Diablo 4 clan now, bye-bye Destiny 2. Just kidding......but maybe not. After a light week filled with titan glitches and Iron Banner shenanigans (there really isn't a better word for the Khepri's bug we saw), we dive back into Season of the Deep and more things to do this week.

-The Disgraced is the Nightfall this week. Bonus Crucible ranks to be had, with Clash and Scorched as the rotators. The rotating Pinnacle raid is Deep Stone Crypt and the Dungeon is Pit of Heresy

-Be mindful of keeping this week's story beat in #season-of-chace-crawford

-We do have a Diablo clan, that is not just a bait headline, you can find the info posted in #other_games, Shua Verde will get you accepted into that and just DM him with any questions about it. 

-Summer Game Fest starts this week, including many things like the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct on Sunday, PC Gaming Show on Sunday, Ubisoft Forward and Capcom Showcase on Monday, and more. There are plenty of things to check out all week starting Thursday, get all the info here at the Summer Game Fest website 

-That's.....kind of it. More story to consume and hopefully no new ways for Titans to break the game. Catch up with you in the Methane Sea - cheers!