This Week At Wendigo!

-This Week At Truth, we are single digit days away from Lightfall. Year 6 of Destiny 2. One year (and a few extra weeks) ago, we were preparing for Witch Queen and Savathun. Now, we stand ready to head to Neomuna and face the Tormenters, Calus, and the Witness. A new subclass in Strand is waiting for us to earn as well as a brand new campaign, and Season of Defiance.

-For most of us, if you're tooling around in-game we are looking at bounty prep, farming an Adept Wendigo, and finishing up things that will be going away next week, like Moments of Triumph, seasonal quests and weapons to grab, and more. The Destiny Content Vault Guide here has been updated with everything leaving before Year 6, definitely worth a quick peruse if you are unsure about what will/will not be sticking around. 

-This week, its a good time to do some Warden of Nothing for Wendigo. Bonus ranks in all three playlists to help with earned rewards and resets. Scorched is the rotator for Crucible. Garden of Salvation and Pit of Heresy are the Pinnacle rotators. 

-Our #dresstiny_contest results are in

1st Place: BlackstarRaider

2nd Place: UndeadMudkipz

3rd Place: TSL BestOfMe

VT taking 2 placements, maybe we should consider them the roster for those that want to put fashion over all else? Congrats to all of our finalists and a thank you to everyone who entered and voted for these looks these last few weeks. 

-Keep in mind that the game will have a FULL 24-hours downtime next week at Monday's reset, meaning you have 1 less day to prepare. This is your reminder to strip mod sockets (I'd recommend seasonal and regular mods since they will be changing) and move the weapons you want to your planned main character/vault in anticipation of API issues after Lightfall launch. Clean out any vendor engrams for loot. Turn in any destination materials for Glimmer. Next week, TWAT will likely post Monday night with a list of reminders for Discord directions when the new season and campaign are live, we don't want any spoilers leaking into the main channels. 

-Year 6 is looking like a strong one and we are glad that you're all here at Clan Truth along for the ride with us. Cheers!