This Week At Well Now What?

-This Week At Truth, we tackle all the things you can keep looking forward to now that the seasonal arc has concluded. We did our thing, Crow did his thing, Mara and Riven did their things.....and now we wait. We'll run down the weekly offerings and Witty's Game2Give fundraising which starts this week!

-Nightfall and GM this week is Birthplace of the Vile. GM Node opened last week ICYMI. Weapon this week is Loaded Question. Crucible rotators are Control, Clash and Showdown. Trio rotators are Last Wish raid, Duality dungeon, and Presage exotic mission. Bonus Banned Game Mode ranks all week! 

-The last week of the Starcrossed quests opens today so you can grab your last refit for the Wishkeeper bow, and any others you may not have gotten yet as well. 

-I'm participating in Game2Give and hoping you can help out! Below is the donation link and incentives for when I stream shenanigans. Streams will be on weekends and some evenings during the week - the Bungie Foundation always does good work for charities and if you're feeling generous, want to snag some new cosmetics or any old emblems you're missing, this is a great way to do some good and get some fashion.  

-Cheers and a Happy Tuesday to all. Return of the TWAT this Thursday! 


Donation link here! 

Incentives and Milestones below