This Week At Well Now We Wait

-This Week At Truth, Act I is over, so we wait until Act II begins in a couple weeks. Plenty of loot and stuff to do in the meantime, plus its Iron Banner week...s. Weeks. That's new.

-Now even though it might have felt like the Act I of Echoes was brief in its delivery, this interview with Robbie Stevens seems to hint that Acts II and III will offer some more in-depth content and a fresh set of activities, so we will see what comes on July 16th. 

-Iron Banner is back! This iteration will last two weeks, Control in Week 1 and Tribute in Week 2. A refreshed Crimil's Dagger and a new rapid-fire void pulse rifle Claws of the Wolf are the added weapons this time around. Bungie has also  adjusted the loot drops to be more rewarding from wins and losses. 

-Warden of Nothing is the Nightfall and GM (if you aren't sick of Glassway from double drops this past week). Mayhem and Showdown will rotate with Iron Banner being this week (so no Trials). As is usually the case, double Crucible rep with it being an Iron Banner week. Vow of the Disciple raid, Shattered Throne dungeon (hopefully with no surges so it doesn't get pulled from the rotation again), and Presage exotic mission are the rotators. The Dissipation encounter of Salvation's Edge will have it's rotating challenge active, "At Capacity" 

-TWID will be Friday due to 'murica. 

-That's our heat, enjoy your 4th of July holidays because I certainly will be. Cheers!