This Week At Welcome To November!

-This Week At Truth, we've got one more week to pew some pumpkins! The calendar may say November, but the spooky vibes remain for one more week. If you are in the business of finishing anything related to Festival of the Lost, make sure you knock it out this week! The Event Card, Ghost-Writer Seal + Guilding, progress towards Reveler, spending some candy, or earning some sweet loot in the Haunted Sectors - this is your last chance this week.

-We've got a hotfix before reset!!! Downtime and patch notes to follow. 

-After reset, it's the Exodus Crash Nightfall and Horror's Least Nightfall weapon drop. Mayhem returns as the Crucible rotator. Banned game mode bonus ranks in Gambit. The rotating Pinnacle drops come from Last Wish and Prophecy final encounters. 

-There's Bungie Bounties this week! If you are looking for a chance to land a sweet emblem check out last week's TWAB for the full schedule of Bungie Bounties, platforms, and activities this week. 

-New Discord feature! We are going to experiment with "forums" in Discord. What are forums? You can think of them like Threads v2.0, except instead of being buried inside of a channel, and needing to be in that thread to see notifications or updates on it, forums appear in the channel list under each category. Forums allow for split discussions on different topics - so we are going to christen our maiden forums voyage by creating our first one on a popular topic - Build Discussions! You can create different forum topics to ask for help with or show off a specific class/subclass/game mode build. We hope this feature shows some usefulness to our members moving forward.

-We have some giveaways to catch up on. Last month, you all smashed it with the support for GuardianMH and their fall fundraisier. I promised a copy of Lightfall for one lucky donator and that winner is ........SHUA VERDE!!!!!!!! There's also a $20 Clan Truth gift card for Corvian and StCephalopod as well. Congrats all!

-As for the emblem winners: I pulled 4 names and will go down the list to determine which emblem each person wants. The four winners, in order, are:





I will be reaching out in Discord to get your emblem choices and pass out codes. 

-Reminders to get your Guardian submitted for the #holiday_art_picture ! It's also a good time to remind everyone that we are in a content lull, with 5 weeks left until the new season begins. If you are able to, it is a great time to help out others getting things done - it has been great seeing all the sherpa runs and helps being done for raids and dungeons and GMs. If you are taking a break, this is a good time to recharge the Destiny batteries as well. This is also a time when frustrations can come out about the state of the game and other things we can't control. Whatever you do, keep a good attitude going and make sure you are enjoying yourself. Cheers!