This Week At Welcome to GMs!

-This Week At Truth, I hope somebody gets the reference in the header image.......and its time to GM! One of our favorite pieces of PvE content returns for Season of Defiance - The Grandmaster Nightfalls. This is the highest difficulty Nightfall in game, where you are capped at -25PL below the enemies, additional champs, and a weekly burn that deals 25% more damage (hey, at least its not 50%).

-If you are new to GMs, there is one active GM Nightfall per week, but if you have already unlocked the Conqueror Seal, you are able to dive into all of them starting today (NOTE: next season, when GMs release earlier in the cycle, this will not be the case and the availability will change slightly). Rewards include exotic armor, Ascendant shards and prisms, and an Adept version of the weekly Nightfall weapon - below is the infographic for this season (s/o to T1Apalled and Ekuegan for the post).


-This week's Nightfall and GM is Proving Grounds, and there's bonus Nightfall rewards all week! Scorched is the Crucible rotator. The Pinnacle Rotators are from Last Wish and Grasp of Avarice. 

-The 3rd Root of Nightmares challenge at the Planets encounter unlocks this week, going by the name of Cosmic Equilibrium. The speculation here is that we won't see too much nonsense for a challenge (what could be more nonsensical than a challenge involving the launchers), but time will tell. 

-We've rebranded Office Hours to Destiny Study Hall! This is an opportunity for players needing some help with in-game activities, buildcrafting, and anything else to drop by Discord and chat with our Admins and Guides. These will be running all weekend Saturday 4/15 and Sunday 4/16 starting at 2PM ET. Study Hall is open-door so feel free to come and go at your convenience.

-ICYMI, Bungie posted a reflection on the start of Lightfall, lots of good info on changes coming in the midseason patch and in future season. 

-Spring is here in the Northern hemisphere! Touch some grass and play some games. Next week we'll be highlighting some cool Clan Truth moments to tune in for - cheers!