-This Week At Truth, it begins. The. Final. Shape. A year and then some of waiting for the conclusion of the Light and Dark saga. It all begins today. I apologize for a few weeks of no big update here, but I am making up for it with this one.

-This is an important read because we got a lot of stuff related to the game and Discord to cover. With a new DLC we expect a big influx of new players, so please remember to be excellent to each other and ask for help if you need it with something. We want this to be the best D2 DLC launch we've had in our history because...

...CLAN TRUTH IS 7 YEARS OLD!!!!! BUNGIE NUMBER BIRTHDAY HYPE!!!!! Thursday is the 7 year anniversary of the Discord server (our first roster The Corrupted Truth celebrated it's anniversary last week). I want to take a few lines to just reflect on the last 7 years. I could write out an entire post just recapping all of the highs and lows from the last 7 years: the special moments, the friendgame, the times where I felt like I wasn't built for this and was so grateful to have the team around me that I do. For those not aware of the deep lore of the clan (there are some looooooong podcast episodes out there covering this topic too), we started out as a few friends who met on LFG in Destiny 1, clicked, and wanted to start something bigger. The bumpy ride has seen friends come and go, and we've done our best to keep this place as the community you've all known and loved since. We never realized what a massive undertaking this would become. Things will never be perfect, nor do we ever claim it to be, but everything we do is for keeping this space in the best shape for all of you. When this first started, we just wanted to get some more like-minded people in here to play with and it blew up bigger than we ever imagined. We pushed back against the people who wanted us to become elitists and only a clan for "1%ers". We removed toxic individuals who didn't want us to make Clan Truth what we saw it as: to be about everyone, no matter the skill level or background.  We reclaimed our rosters and struggled through the "dead game" times while keeping things going as best we could. Being a community manager is not easy for any of us, but we do it because we love and are connected to what this has become. A lot of us have struggled with finding the time to be as active as we used to - I wish I could go back to the days where I had sherpa raids every week and could jump into or make as many scheduled events as I wanted to. But that's why I'm grateful for all of you - having a strong community able to pick each other up and keep us going means so much to me when I haven't been able to really do it myself. 

-With my piece shared, we would like to hear from all of YOU! For 24 hours, we would like anyone that wants to contribute to give us your thoughts in this link about what Destiny and/or Clan Truth has meant to you over the years. We will compile it all and share on Thursday which is our official 7 year Clan-iversary!  From all of the @admins, we want to thank you for being along for the ride, whether its been for a week of the better part of a decade, you all are what make us special. 

-If you've never been around for a DLC drop with us, here's how the channels will work. #destiny_chat and the other non-spoiler channels are for any discussion about non-story stuff. It is IMPERATIVE that we not put story content anywhere in those channels, our goal is to preserve the experience for those that want to tackle the game at their own pace or maybe don't have time off to do so. You can talk about weapons, sandbox, prismatic, loot drops, armor, patch notes etc freely in the usual places. 

-ALL STORY content goes in #finish-the-fight, no exceptions. This will also be the channel for discussing content in the stuff that unlocks after the raid is cleared and whenever Episodes start or other "seasonal" content we get with the DLC launch. You are not permitted to discuss quests or anything that is new activity content in any other channel. Leaks and the like (stuff datamined or not in game) MUST still go in #leaks_datamines_spoilers

-In the #lfg_pve channel, we ask that if you are looking for story help you use the mission name specifically or the name/step number of the Quest. PLEASE DO NOT mention anything beyond that (boss names, locations, etc.).

-Salvation's Edge Contest Mode Friday! We will have a channel set up specifically for discussing the raid on Friday that requires the spoiler access role (#salvations_edge_day1_discussion). This will be the place to follow along with the raid contest, discuss mechanics, strategies, DPS checks, etc. When LFG'ing for the raid this weekend and after Contest mode please use encounter names and nothing else at least until reset next week. If you have a team competing in Day 1 please get me a list of the members, I will try and cook up a graphic this week. Also, if anyone on your team is streaming it please drop a link to me to also share Friday.  

-weekly stuff starts out with Glassway as the Nightfall. Supremacy and Showdown are the Crucible rotators. Trio rotators are Last Wish raid, Duality dungeon and Seraph's Shield exotic mission

-Massive thank you to our design team of Dice and AeonSigma for creating a brand new logo and gif to use for our server with a sweet Prismatic theme to it!

-it is truly the end of an era, but certainly not The End. We enter a new chapter with 7 strong clan rosters and almost 1,500 people in our server. Let's make this the best DLC release yet and enjoy the ride! Cheers.