This Week At Waiting For Next Week At Truth

This week at Truth we're impatiently waiting for next week. Why you ask?

Our regular TWAT Man returns

Bungie will drop the showcase outlining The Final Shape and what we can expect leading into it for the next two seasons. Also   strikethroughs are always funnier in threes   it'll mark the start of the new season. Neato!

As mentioned last week, the new season will bring a reprised raid and a 48 hour Contest raid race which we now know the date for. The raid will drop at reset on September 1st. As is tradition, we'll be posting our Google Form and Spreadsheet if you are looking to tackle the Day 1 raid and need to fill out your team or want to put one together. Remember that this is a reprised raid, so during the 48 hour window you will need to clear it once as well as clear the specific challenge modes of each encounter to claim the Day 1 emblem. The Form and viewable Spreadsheet can both be found in these links as well as in Discord.

Our rotators this week are Devil's Lair with as the Nightfall and GM with Buzzard being the weapon. Rift and Momentum Control for Crucible with Last Wish for the raid and Duality for the dungeon. We usually get increased rep gains in all core playlists for the final week of the season, but no official word yet.

With Bungie being tight-lipped before the showcase, we don't have much else to say until next Tuesday. I want to thank you all for viewing my TWAT once again. It brings me great joy. Just please don't compare the size of my TWAT, I'm very sensitive.