This Week At...Wait, Today Isn't Tuesday

-Twas the night before new content (didn't we do this at Christmas?) Anyway, you may be asking yourself "Wait, it's not Tuesday is it? Did I oversleep in anticipation?" If you are Pentad, you didn't even get to ping me asking 'WHERE TWAT?' Do not adjust your dials, this is a rare Monday night TWAT event.

-the Witch Queen and Season 16 release was a hype one for us for sure. We crossed multiple Discord milestones and appreciate all the support in Discord and on the clan website. The admin team is happy to keep this ship running and loves what the last 3 months have brought us. since Bungie has been epically silent so far, it feels appropriate to leave the morning to the hype. Tonight's TWAT is for reminders, expectations, and one last call to arms for the kids of St. Jude. (If you're donating during the GCX Marathon, do both - how about that)

-tomorrow is a new season. Maintenance begins at Noon ET, downtime is expected to be 15 mins at 1245ET (who are we kidding at this point  expect a wee bit of queues and slowness if you're jumping on at reset) and new content rolls out at 1PM ET. There's certain in-game accomplishments and rewards to collect before downtime tomorrow if you're interested in such things like seals and loot (yes, I'm buying the tankard). 

-when a new season launches we have a simple protocol (simple is….maybe not the best word). As a rule of thumb, general-chat (no matter it's silly name) is 100% spoiler-free all the time. For the trailer, new seasonal content and anything else that drops tomorrow, keep all discussion in the #season_of_the_insert_new_season_spoilers channel. For datamines, leaks, anything not officially released by Bungie, etc., that goes in our #leaks_datamines_spoilers channel. You need the @Spoiler Access role in #role_assign to see those two channels (if you're wondering why you don't see them)

-did somebody say trailer? 11AM ET  TRAILER HYPE. We are getting something to wet the whistles before the season starts. No word yet on just how much new info we'll get, but there's lots to choose from: seasonal story arc and activity, a new dungeon, weekly rotators for both Raids and Dungeons, new-and-improved Solstice event this summer, Iron Banner changes, SolArc 3.0, new Trials armor, new weapons to craft, exotics, the list goes on. I will be radio silent as I teach an 11AM class but I'll be sure to catch up with it all in time. 

-Last call for Play Live! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, this community has kicked in $1,170 as of typing this, and we're a stone's throw from the $1,500 goal I set. You're all wonderful people and the support for this event has been phenomenal. This is the last week to donate to my campaign, and if we pass $1500 here's the stretch goal: every $100 over = 1 week I don't play the new 3.0 subclass. Would be a shame to make me NOT play the new 3.0 subclass for charity right? Get those last donations in and give yourself a chance at winning that Nintendo Switch OLED. Click here to donate! 

-do you love Clan Truth and have access to get your behind to Seattle this summer? Clan Truth is doing a Seattle meetup Pacific Northwesterners! July 29th and 30th in the home of Starbucks and a quick trip to Bungie headquarters - [sometimes] sunny Seattle! Reach out to Shua Verde with questions and for more information. 

-all we know right now is that the week begins with Momentum Control (oh joy) and Proving Grounds Nightfall (I've come to enjoy this strike as a GM actually). But until then, sit back and relax with your morning (or afternoon) coffee, get hype, and welcome to Season 17. Cheers, Guardians