This Week At Upcoming Balance Patches

-This Week At Truth, we got some new details about the midseason update coming. It is important to note that this midseason balancing patch is fairly light, due to a larger set of changes coming in Season 22, but we should still see some nice weapon changes. Now while we got this teaser of information this past week, there is currently no timetable for the release, but I'd have to think it should come July 18th with the Solstice of Heroes event beginning, especially given that there is no planned downtime today. You can read about all the patch notes we know of right here! 

-This week, Iron Banner returns! The third installment of this season bring Fortress as the event. This is the final Iron Banner of the season, so any rewards, items to purchase, things to do towards your seal, etc. need to be finished this week. This week's Nightfall and GM is The Corrupted, with Hung Jury as the weapon. Supremacy and Mayhem are the Crucible rotators. Your Pinnacle rotators are Garden of Salvation raid and Spire of the Watcher dungeon

-So, about that exotic mission, eh? Pretty wild ride, and honestly haven't felt challenged in Destiny by something like that in a while. Always welcome in my book. With the mission being out there, anybody looking to acquire the new Wicked Implement should use the @Story/Seasonal tag to help look for players. Important to note that only one person needs to have all of the fish to activate the rituals and get that mission to pop up. 

-Bungie Day 7 Days of Prizes giveaway kicks off Thursday, be sure you are following the Bungie Love Twitter account to be able to enter for some sweet loot! 

-ICYMI Shua had a banger featured stream and is close to $1,000 raised already for the Bungie Day Giving Festival. If you haven't donated and still want to, help support our fellow clanmate while doing some good! 

-After the chaos of bonus everything and a new mission, things will probably be on the calmer side this week, before Solstice of Heroes is set to return on July 18th. Be on the lookout this week for more info on that. Cheers!