This Week At Tryptophan

-This Week At Truth, we give thanks for our wonderful friends, gamers, family, memes, sarcasm, and dad jokes. We enter the final week of Season of the Witch, and next Tuesday we'll be preparing for Season of the Wish to begin. No downtime expected today but there is planned maintenance after reset (approximately 1PM ET for 3 hours) so be aware of some issues that pop up or the potential for unexpected downtime.

-Tomorrow we should get a day-early-TWID before Thanksgiving, we are looking forward to that one for some insight into ability changes (Stasis love <3) exotic armor changes and more coming in the new season. 

-Heist Battleground: Moon is the final week's GM and Nightfall, and Braytech Osprey is the weapon to earn. Zone Control and Mayhem are the final week's Crucible rotators, and you'll get one last crack at Trials weapons this weekend. Trio rotators are Root of Nightmares raid, Spire of the Watcher dungeon, and Vox Obscura mission. Bonus ranks in all 3 ritual playlists to end the season!

-The Annual Truthsgiving Hangout will take place in Discord Thursday, starting around 3PM ET/12PM PT. There is no set schedule, and is meant to provide a place for those that might not have holiday plans, need/want to avoid family, or just want to hang for a while. Do some gaming, chit-chat, whatever strikes your fancy. 

-Join us Saturday evening for one last Clan PvP Night as well! Close out Season of the Witch playing some fun crucible game modes with your friends and clanmates Saturday starting at 5PM ET/2PM PT. 

-we are making some backend changes in Discord to streamline the clan roles utilizing the Charlemagne bot for autoroles with each clan, and the Ghost Turtle will still handle selectable roles. This should also help us streamline the joining process in the future for Discord. While this change likely won't affect most of you, we sometimes break things. In order for clan autoroles to work on you, you need to be registered with Charlemagne (which most people are already), but if you are not you can do that in the #charlemagne_commands or a direct DM with the bot channel using  /register as a command.

-Enjoy your last 7 days of the season, dive into whatever content you may want to finish off and see you all a  week from today as we do some wishin'. Cheers!