Witch Queen Coming

Only 5 weeks until the release of Witch Queen! If you’re looking to prep bounties for some quick artifact level it’s about time to get saving. Speaking of, starting in S16 there will no longer be a cap on the number of artifact mods you can purchase! With enough leveling you’ll be able to acquire them all.

The Corrupted nightfall is back this week with Hothead and Hung Jury on the menu plus bonus rewards! Anti-Barrier scout is coming back in S16 so make sure to pick up a good HJ if you haven’t already!

Episode 2 of Podcast vs Enemies is now live! Going forward new episodes will be posted to the promotion channel. Huge thank you for the support from the clan on this new show!

Reminder that our 1st Annual Clan Truth South Meetup is this Saturday Jan 22nd 4 PM at Canne Rosso in Carrollton, TX! Feel free to reach out to or myself if you are interested in joining!

There has been a slight extension to the clan raid race with the final runs happening tonight. Winners will be announced later this week!