Welcome to January

6 weeks until our Witch Queen release! The game is currently in some downtime until reset. But until then, did you check out the new trailer? Get hyped for with some Void 3.0, Lucent Brood and visuals of the new destinations in the trailer below! https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame/status/1480919092924235779?t=JQbjs6aFNuMsr29jZFLWqA&s=19

We do not know anything specific, but as always with the season winding down keep your eyes peeled. Any new seasonal stuff in-game goes in #season_ but any datamines or leaks from today’s update should go in #spoilers

The goings on

Exodus Crash Nightfall this week, paired with Comedian/Shadow Price loot. Momentum is the rotating playlist, but if you weren’t aware it is Iron Banner week! This is likely the second-to-last one of the season with 6 weeks left.

Hey, do you like ? Do you like Bonanazas? How about playing PvP with your clanmates for funsies? Monday night to celebrate Banditt’s birthday she will be hosting a Clan PvP night, starting at 6PM ET and going for a while. Come one come all and share some laughs and pews! You can RSVP to the Discord event or just show up and have some fun that night

News Alert!

We have a major announcement for one of our admins. has some exciting news to share - he is one of the hosts of a new podcast from Massive Breakdowns: Podcast Versus Enemies! This PvE-themed Podcast will focus on endgame metas, PvE loadouts, weapon and armor rolls, strategies for the spectrum of PvE content, and much more! You can give it a listen wherever you get your Podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Captivate, and Amazon Music) The first episode went up last night, give it a listen and show some support for Saint! https://pve-podcast-versus-enemies.captivate.fm/listen

This is the final week for raid race teams to get their run in. Hopefully we can have the runs verified and winners to announce for the next TWAT.

Happy Hunting this week - Cheers!