This Week At Truth?

Buckle up, bitches


Did you ever decide to go out to eat, but you realized that all the good places are either closed or too busy? 

You know what I'm talking about.. the local joints are overcrowded, Chili's has an hour long wait, etc.. so you're left with either going to the not-nice McDonald's or that ethnic place that gave you food poisoning 10 years ago.

Well, this is that



When Witty and Oblivion said they couldn't do the TWAT this week, I decided (against their better judgement) to jump in and offer my services. Witty showed his support with a comforting Eminem quote stating that if I screw this up then I'll be kicked from the clan. Little does he know that I've been secretly editing his old TWATs without anyone noticing for weeks now

Speaking of our loving Overlord, here is a statement from him regarding the extremely successful event they had this past weekend:

- From the desk of absentee Witty -

Everyone who stopped by the GuardiansMH channel or donated to the cause this weekend is a rockstar.

We raised $590 during my block and the event totaled, $4265 dollars. That's 426 veteran-focused mental health kits that GuardiansMH can now fund and distribute to those who request them.

A huge thank you to all who supported the shenanigans over the weekend.

As a side note, I'm very proud to be part of this Clan / Community and think it's great that we have so many people showing support for great causes like this. If anyone out there is struggling with mental health, veteran or not, just know that you're not alone. 


-This week in Destiny we get a little spooky with Festival of the Lost.. which, for those unaware, is another yearly event that tries to get us to run content for new loot. Some favorites like the BrayTech Werewolf, the Jurassic Green, and others that I can't remember will be making their return with the addition of a new Arc Sniper (with some spicy PvP rolls).. So make sure you put on your best mask and go grind those Haunted Lost Sectors!

If they aren't doing Haunted Lost Sectors this year then run whatever it is they have tied to the event

-This week also brings the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Nightfall with bonus Vanguard Ranks! So make sure you jump in and and help Rasputin, the A.I. Warmind. There are so few ballet fans left. It'd be a shame to lose him.

-Shaxx is bringing Clash to the Crucible! Not going to lie, I was a little confused by this. I always thought that Control is basically clash with letters that you're supposed to ignore.. but I guess they are just removing that part? Either way, always a good time.

-The weekly raid rotator is Vault of Glass. So make sure you jump in and stop Taniks from getting his hands on the Crown of Sorrow

-Dungeon is the Shattered Throne. Not sure anyone besides Corvian still runs this, but we all like pinnacles.. so have at it.

-We still have free shipping in the clan store, so make sure you get me a few shirts and other Clan Truth memorabilia

Bungie informed us that there will be downtime around reset today. Also they will be pushing the Midseason Weapon Changes outlined in previous TWABs. Some important notes are:

  • Piece of Mind zoom going from 19 to 18. Will still be good, but might not be able to challenge at the far end of those ranges we enjoy today
  • Lightweight SMGs are getting their range pulled in by about 1 meter, and a slight base damage / crit damage nerf. TLDR is that they won't be as sticky outside their current range and they'll be a little less forgiving
  • Precision Frame SMGs are getting a slight damage increase to make them a little more forgiving, but Shakira's Wrath (the only Precision SMG we use) is getting the zoom value dropped from 16 to 15.
  • I don't have time to explain the changes to No Time to Explain
  • Jade Rabbit doesn't shoot cannon balls anymore.. so you might need to aim for the head now
  • Adaptive Pulses, which are the easiest entry point imo, are getting a bump to their crit damage. They were always reliable, but now they are going to be a bit more spicy. Tons of good options for these, so have fun in Control without the letters
  • High Impact Scouts are getting their damage dropped. This one will hurt since you can't 2 Crit / 1 Body anymore. Still should be good on longer range maps, but I'm sure better options will float to the surface
  • Auto Rifles are getting a stability bump
  • Sidearms are getting a range buff. Get ready for drang to be all up in your business for the foreseeable future

That should be about it.. I'm running out of things to copy/paste from Bungie. Thanks for stopping by and remember to check out the new Clan Truth branch (The Hallowed Truth) lead by Saint Kabr and St Cephalopod. They give new members hugs, so take advantage of that

Also, make sure you all take screen shots of your guardians (preferably at the transmog screen) and post them #holiday_art_picture so Banditt can make a cool Festival of the Lost drawing! The one from last year was amazing, and she is looking to do Part 2 to celebrate Clan Truth and all of its prisoners for the holiday season! You don't want to miss out on being part of this cool piece of art

Can't say that a drunken TWAT will happen with any regularity, but anyway.. here's Wonderwall