-This Week At Truth, I can already hear the metal clanging from everyone's favorite murder mop TR3-VR. That's right folks, Zero Hour Exotic mission returns to Destiny 2 after being vaulted, and we are in for some more nostalgia, maybe some mechanical changes to uncover, and loot! 

-The TWID last week covered things like the Exotic class item info and rolls, red border bonanza between now and The Final Shape, and all the free content available to play between now and June 4th. 

-Rhulk Indomitable is the newest Pantheon entry this week. The previous 5 encounters plus Rhulk at +15 power difficulty, new surges and modifier TBD. There is also a new quest to complete (on either this Pantheon or next week's) that will give you Divine Weaponry Part 2 i.e. another raid exotic choice of 1KV, Collective Obligation or Conditional Finality. 

-Elsewhere in the universe, besides Pantheon and Zero Hour, we have another Twitch emblem for watching featured streams for 1 hour. Nightfall and GM is PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome and The Slammer. It is also mega Vanguard week for bonuses, with Bonus Vanguard ranks AND Bonus Nightfall rewards. Crucible rotators are Rift, Sparrow Control and New Territory. Rotators are Vault of Glass, Shattered Throne and Operation: Seraph's Shield. 

-while I am not participating this year, this weekend is the GuardiansMH "Press Start For Mental Health" Charity Stream block! These are awesome people who are looking to raise funds for the creation of mental health kits that get sent out to the community at no cost and get helpful life-saving resources into others' hands. If you can stop by the GMH Twitch channel at all this weekend to show support, donate or whatever else please do so! 

-late edit: IDK, something about exotic armors being shown. Fuck me I guess for only having 15 minutes to write this and them dropping stuff in the same timeframe.

-Hope you don't get kicked in the face - cheers!