This Week At Treasure Hunting

-This Week At Truth, we've been erupting. A lot. In more way than one. None of this is meant to be innuendo yet every time I read it, it gets worse on my eyes.  Well here we are, another Iron Banner come and gone. Later this season you'll have another opportunity to jump in if you missed out this time, want to work on the Iron Lord title, or just want some more loot! Eruption, like any new mode, has its benefits and drawbacks, but was overall pretty well-received. Curious if there are any changes that occur to the mode before the next event? Time will tell.

-We are still running our #GoForGold fashion contest. This is the last week you have to submit your Gold-inspired drip in the #rate_my_drip channel with the text #GoForGold. All entries next week will be added to a contest channel where everyone will be able to vote using reaction emojis to determine the winner. Reminder that winner gets a Clan Truth mousepad - and that you can also go purchase those mousepads right now from the store! Proceeds from the mousepads this month are all being donated to St Jude! Our website curator OfficialGale has agreed to match the proceeds as well up to $1,000! 

-Reposting: we have a policy in our Discord (it is at the top of #lfg_event_schedule) that your scheduled LFGs, pings for LFGs, etc. should NOT include the phrase 'KWTD' or require a specific number of clears to participate in. If you are not willing/able to teach new or inexperienced players, we don't have an issue with you mentioning that in your posts. We understand things like raids can take a very long time and not everyone can dedicate 3  or 4 or more hours to an activity. But context and delivery matters here because we are community-focused. KWTD is condescending in many of our eyes. Requiring __X__ clears is gatekeeping, something else we wish to steer clear of. Please make every effort to follow this. 

-The treasure hunting continues this week with more seasonal storylines. You'll also get 2X Vanguard Ranks in strikes and playlists this week, while Navota and The Disgraced are up as the Nightfall. Clash is the Crucible rotator, and we see the seasonal return of Trials of Osiris this weekend!. Your rotating Pinnacles come from the final encounters of Vault of Glass and Grasp of Avarice. 

-Speaking of treasure hunting, we know there are some treasures people vie for that are not quite the same as in-game loot: Seals and Titles. With King's Fall out, and next season being the final one before Lightfall, bringing with it seasonal story and a new Dungeon, we've noticed an uptick in players chasing older seals, triumphs, and loot! While you can create scheduled LFGs for some of these, getting the timing to work and coordinating triumphs can be difficult. To assist with this, we have put together a Pre-Lightfall Triumph Hunting Google Form and Sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to identify individuals who may need similar triumphs that you need, and rather than posting LFGs hoping the time works out, allow you to coordinate more effectively. It also allows those of us looking to Sherpa/Guide activities to do the same - reach out to those who need specific triumphs and get to work on them! The Form is editable (you can change answers as you check stuff off) and the Sheet with answers will be viewable to all. You can fill out the form while checking your in-game seals or via a 3rd-party app like DIM. You can view the spreadsheet here and see who still needs triumphs in each of the Seal categories listed.  The Form and Sheet will be pinned to Discord in #destiny-chat and eventually get their own page on the website!

-This Sunday is Admin Open Office Hours! Starting at 12PM ET, we will have members of the Admin team and other knowledgeable community members available in Discord to help any newer/returning players get their feet wet in Destiny 2. We understand the New Light experience is painful, and if you've been on hiatus that jumping back in can be a daunting task. Come out on Sunday and let us help you get back into the swing of things!. Can't make it Sunday? Don't forget we also have a pingable @Guide role that any members can ping if they need assistance with a particular mission, quest, or really anything game-related. 

-The band No Doubt once said "Wake me up when September ends" but there's so much going on now! Personally, loving the character development we are getting this season with Mithrax and Spider, Ketchcrash is just a fun 6-player activity, I could do without trying to kill hundreds of Ruffians in Expedition for a seal (and I know you do too - Bungie has said they will be looking at this), and we've seen so much activity around these parts recently! Who knows, there may be a new Clan roster coming sooner than expected. Stay tuned and cheers!