This Week At Touching Grass In The Tower

-This Week At Truth, we begin Solstice! Iron Banner, for better or for worse, is over for this season, and we turn our attention to a returning limited-time event: Solstice! The summer event formerly known as Solstice of Heroes has been renamed to just Solstice (getting big "Drop the 'The'" vibes) and returns this year in a new installment. We'll cover some returning features to the event as well as some new ones, the rest of your weekly updates, some emblem giveaway winners, charity updates and more!

-Solstice brings with it a new way to engage in these events that Bungie has dubbed the Event Card. From the TWAB, the Event Card is free for all players, but can be upgraded for 1000 silver to unlock some instantly claimable rewards and the ability to spend Event Tickets for more rewards (Bungie noted specifically that you do not need to purchase the upgrade right away, and it can be done at any time during the event). Solstice also brings with it a new system for armor upgrading (this has always been a staple of the summer event to complete X activities and challenges to upgrade armor in some fashion)

-Those previously mentioned objectives are NO MAS! So how does it work? Earn Silver Leaves by completing activities in game (inb4 there's some easy farm that's discovered for these). Transform your Silver Leaves into Silver Ash completing the new Bonfire Bash activity. Silver Ash will allow you to reroll armor starts from the armor mod screen

-What about upgrading your armor's potential? Another event currency, Kindling, comes from completing Solstice Event Challenges and is used to permanently upgrade your Solstice armor's stat roll potential, meaning you only need to do it one per armor slot per character. 

-That's a lot to take in, and we'll be sure to share as much info in the Discord as possible as it comes through about efficient ways to earn materials and reroll armor. But for now, that's what we've got. I'll be out there this week grinding away because I am horrendous at build-crafting and could use some high stat armor to prepare for next season and lean into these damage resistance changes

-This week, Warden of Nothing is the Nightfall and Grandmaster strike, Duty Bound is the weapon for the week, and there are bonus Nightfall ranks to earn all week as well. Maybe we'll get some nice event and bonus rank synergy this week? Mayhem AND Zone Control are up for Crucible this week. Your rotating Pinnacles drops will come from the end of the Last Wish raid (all challenges and chances to farm for 1K Voices as well) and Shattered Throne Dungeon.

-Bungie Day Giving Celebration crossed the $1,000,000 milestone! A massive thank you to all the fundraisers and donors out there, including our own Shua Verde who has raised over $2,000 for the eventYou can click here to donate - and check out Shua's final charity push on his stream today and tomorrow. There's also still time to drop your questions for TITS with Shua's mom! Click here to do so! 

-If you haven't noticed, there's some serious downtime today. Servers might take a minute at reset to come back up, queues are likely, and stability is a question right at reset, you've been warned. Stay tuned to the Bungie Help twitter posts in Discord for any updates

-A couple minor Discord changes we've made. The Clan Support role has been renamed to All-Star because 1) people were asking them for assistance with things that they couldn't provide, and 2) Smash Mouth references are never out of style. We moved the Luckstruck bot to its own #luckstruck-bot channel to post checkpoints and the like, instead of posting in the #lfg channel. As far as #outside_destiny_life, it routinely turns into a flex your Wordle skills channel. We are going to experiment with a thread in that channel for Wordle posts, as long as something is posted in the thread it will stay active and remain visible.

-We have 6 emblems to give away! 1x Solar Flair, 2x Heritage Eternal, and 3x Leviathan's Gift Shop. The 6 winners, in the order they were chosen, will get to pick which emblems they would like. Congrats to:







I'll be DM'ing you in order to get your choices, and if there's only 1 type of emblem left by the end I'll just DM those people the codes. Thanks to kiki strumm3r for also contributing to this giveaway as well as giving me some other codes to use down the line!

-That's the weekly update, enjoy your Solstice shenanigans and see you starside! Cheers! --Witty