This Week At Tis The Season (of the Wish)

-This Week At Truth, we've got Xmas Cheer flowing and cookies baking. The Dawning kicked off last week, with some new weapons and rolls to earn, lots of bright dust to stock up on from cookies, and snowballs galore. Dawning runs for 2 more weeks (no, not 76 days) so you've got time to earn more loot and work on Star Baker! We've got some new content dropping today, and some notes about our Truthmas Hangouts this week.

-There will be some new seasonal stuff today, besides the story beats, most significantly is the Starcrossed exotic mission for the season. This is how we will acquire the Wish-keeper strand exotic bow. Since this is new content this is on spoiler-watch until further notice, so this and all other story beat items go in #season-of-dragon-tales

-We also have Grandmaster Nightfalls returning this week. While the Conqueror node is still a couple weeks away, you can dive into the first GM of the season with Lake of Shadows. It is also bonus Vanguard ranks and Nightfall rewards, so a great chance to earn this week's weapon (TBD) and some materials. Crucible rotators are Checkmate Control, Supremacy, and Showdown. Trio rotators are Vault of Glass raid (go farm for that Mythoclast), Shattered Throne dungeon, and Seraph Shield exotic mission (Hierarchy of Needs calls to you).

-We have two Discord Hangouts scheduled for annual Truthmas festivities. On the 24th and 25th there will be Truth members hanging out in VCs all day to pal around with, game with, or just shoot the breeze (and enemies of the Light, it can be both). If you are spending the holidays away from gaming go enjoy yourselves, but we know not everyone has things to do or people to see, so we want to provide a space for anyone to relax in and get through the holidays however they need to. 

-No more TWIDs until the new year. January 18th will be the next one, as well as the first day of the next installment of Game2Give, Bungie's charity fundraising campaign. There are a few of us who usually participate so be on the lookout for donation incentives and ways to help out. Enjoy your holidays and I'll see you same time next week. Cheers!