This Week At This Is The May!

-This Week At Truth, it's May! And with that we are 4 weeks away from the release of The Final Shape. 

-Last week's TWID gave us a preview of the new maps and game mode coming to show them off and special ammo insights, as well as a look at Rahool's new role in our hunt for exotic armors, and the shader UI revamp coming. 

-The first round of Pantheon has come and gone, with near 150 guardians from our Discord successfully tackling it (someone should check on quiscalusmajor, she ran it 7 times.....). This week brings round 2, a +10 difficulty gap over the +5 from last week, and an added boss at the end - Oryx. Good luck taking it down this week! You can also earn another emblem this week tuning into any one of the Bungie featured streamers!

-Heist Battleground: Moon is the Nightfall and GM this week. With the new PvP maps coming, there is the New Territory playlist as well as Scorched, and Bonus Crucible ranks all week. Deep Stone Crypt raid, Pit of Heresy dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission are the three rotators. 

-Next week is the return of Zero Hour, not today Jack S Raymond

-Be sure to check out the Day 1 Raid Form and Spreadsheet in Discord, we'll be putting together a graphic for this one again for all those teams competing, and linking to streams so you can watch along if you aren't participating in Day 1!

-4 more weeks, sure to see a lot more info from Bungie regarding The Final Shape, trailers, etc. in the coming weeks. Cheers!