This Week At The Servers Are Fine Question Mark

-This Week At Truth, maybe the servers will be okay? But seriously, we understand how server issues and downtime can make you feel. It has certainly been challenging in conjunction with other glaring problems the game is going through. We don't expect people to be unapologetically Bungie-supportive, but we also don't want channels to turn into toxic rants and venting spaces because that doesn't build community. Enough about server issues, and FYI there is downtime before reset today so keep that in mind. 

-ICYMI, Hawthorne now has a weekly fishing quest. If she doesn't show as having it for you, check your Abandoned Quests kiosk. I would encourage people to fish each week and try to grab any new exotic fish that pop up, they may be useful later this season.....

-The Nightfall and GM this week is a brand new one: Moon Battleground. Like Mars last season, it should be a doozy. The Braytech Osprey RL is the weapon reward. Zone Control and Team Scorched are the Crucible Rotators. The Pinnacle rotators are King's Fall raid and the Grasp of Avarice dungeon

-Now there is one week of seasonal quest left, if it is this week make sure we keep discussion in #season-of-chace-crawford to avoid any spoilers. Everyone did a great job with that cutscene last week and let's keep with it.

-Tomorrow there will be a Bungie blog post about the Bungie Day Giving Festival. Bungie Day is July 7th and the Giving Festival will take place from July 6th-23rd. The blog post tomorrow will have all the details and prizes you can get from donating to the Bungie Foundation, one of our favorite charities. You may even see a familiar Clan Truth name in the featured streams list during the event.

-Cheers to a new week friends!