This Week At The New (Vaporwave) Look, Who Dis?

-This Week At Truth, Season of the Plunder concludes. The first day of December is near, and the World Cup is in full swing **checks calendar**.....yes, all of those things are accurate. If you've been enjoying your time in Destiny and around here, we appreciate you. If you've been taking a break and are ready and waiting for [REDACTED] to start in a week, we are all ready and waiting to see what the next installment of Destiny brings.

-Did you peep our new logo that dropped last week? We have gone full Vaporwave in preparation for Lightfall. The new logo was a collaboration of many efforts. onehandedbanditt cooked up the concept for the logo you see on the Discord and social media, Dice had been working behind-the-scenes sending us a ton of concepts, and gave the logo you see the vaporwave flavor, and AeonSigma put together the animated icon for Discord! 

-Celebrate the final week of the season with bonus ranks in all three ritual playlists: Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit. Fallen S.A.B.E.R is the final Nightfall and Duty Bound is the weapon this week. Last call to gild you Conqueror and any other seals that can be gilded each season. Enjoy some fun with Team Scorched in the Crucible rotator. Your final week of rotating Pinnacles includes Vow of the Disciple raid and Prophecy dungeon

-The Community Event kicked off last week and, well, there isn't much to say about it. The Community goals were hit by the 2nd day, but if you hadn't logged in you can still do so to get some reward boxes, hear some Mithrax dialogue, claim the ghost shell, and dump some of those planetary materials that won't be any good next season. Expect a seasonal wrap-up this week but as always, seasonal stuff goes in the seasonal channel. If we get any leaks/unreleased information about next season it needs to go in #leaks_datamines_spoilers 

-With a week left in the season, this feels like a good time to summarize what to expect next week. You might see a lot of Guardians bounty prepping this week, finishing off seals and triumphs, so if you are around and are able to lend a helping-hand to our LFGs, don't be shy! Need some help finishing up stuff this season? There should be Guardians around that may be able to assist. 

-In the new Season of [REDACTED], Crucible is getting an overhaul to playlists and a new seal. Bungie has also touched on some subclass updates coming next season, as well as previewed some sandbox tuning to expect, including two dozen exotics being updated. 6 Planetary materials are being deprecated to simplify the economy. Deep Stone Crypt is getting revitalized weapons and crafting, making it worth running consistently for drops again. All of this come alongside the new seasonal activity, storyline that will be the prelude to Lightfall, and a new dungeon activity to tackle this season. 

-Tis the giving season, and we are always overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of community support for our charity endeavors. Clan Truth has always been generous supports of various charities, and December brings Bungie's annual Game2Give effort to raise money for The Bungie Foundation, which works with various charity outlets including Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Make-A-Wish, Seattle Children's Hospital and more. While there is no "team" function like last year, both Witty and Shua Verde will be raising money for Game2Give, with various incentives and milestones to encourage donating. While you are able to donate now, the event truly kicks off December 6th and runs through December 22nd. The list of donation rewards can be found here in the special Game2Give TWAB, but does include a new emblem, ghost shell and sparrow!, but we encourage you to wait until next week when you can donate to one of your favorite admins' campaigns. Last year, Clan Truth combined to raise over $3,000 total for Game2Give. Shua has been invited once again to be a featured Game2Give streamer for Bungie this year! Tune in on December 18th at 11AM ET/8AM PT on  Shua's Twitch channel to see his featured stream! Next TWAT we will post our donation links, incentives, milestones, and stream schedules to encourage donating. If anyone else is running a Game2Give effort, please be sure to communicate that to Witty this week so we can organize your info as well. If you are able to help out this cause and support your clanmates' efforts, we are truly thankful for that. 

-keep being the rockstars that you are, and enjoy the final week of Plunderin' before we get some new [REDACTED] content!