This Week At The Last Week Of The Season... Week

This week we welcome our new overlord... the magic /8ball!


The future is bright! Who needs Witty anyway?!

Witty should be back in time for the new season, so we'll need to change as many rules and structures as possible before then. Give him something to do, man needs to feel needed right?

The magic /8ball took just over half of the votes, with Shua's mom (Who you haven't even met yet, at least wait for her TiTS to drop before appointing her) coming in second and Shy's hand bringing up the distant rear. Makes sense, it was injured. I would also like to commend everyone for not making Pentad our glorious leader. He's a family man now. Can't have them in power.

The nightfall for our final week is Proving Grounds, with the Silicon Neuroma as your reward. The challenge is met, guardian. Hope you all got your god roll Plug Ones before it got pulled from the rotation. We did warn you.

For bonus rep we have all three core playlists, vanguard, crucible, and... gambit? Since when is there a playlist outside strikes and crucible? It sounds awful and I don't like it.

The PvE rotators are Last Wish and Shattered Throne. It's always a good time to delve into the Dreaming City for some loot, but this week even more so. The pvp rotator is Team Scorched for those that haven't done the season challenge yet.

Last week's TWAB had some great details, and the Massive Breakdowns podcast went into some real deep grit on both those details and some of what's to come down the line. D2 community big boi Mercules, who recently was hired by Bungie, was on the show he originally created to share those details. Cool stuff.

We also were promised we would get an Arc 3.0 preview before the end of this week (official words were soonish) so be on the lookout for a post.

One last bit of Truth News is the pictures from the Seattle meetup were uploaded to the Truth IRL section of the site. Check it out to see what you missed out on!

Seattle meetup gallery


Well friends, I'm glad to have shared my TWAT with you two weeks in a row. Maybe next week we'll get the magic /8ball to write it up. Would be good to hear from senior leadership, right?

Let me leave you with one of my trademark famous awe-inspiring and completely accurate quotes. This one should be one you all remember. It was from Aliens or some shit, idk. Just read it and be inspired.

      -"No! Not the bees! Nooooo! Not the bees! My eyes! Arghhhhhhh! Arghhhhhh! Arghhhhhh!”

          -Arnold Schwarzenegger