This Week At The Final Shape

-This Week At Truth, we should've been venturing into the Traveler to bring about the end of the Witness, or maybe our own demise. Instead, the Witness saw their shadow and now we've got 14 more weeks of Wish-ter. Since the March 5th update is planned to be the big one bringing mid-season changes, we'll do some quick hits and then wait for what comes next Tuesday, hoping for a breath of fresh air to be brought to the game while we wait for The Final Shape

-The last few TWIDs have given us some insight into changes already made to address issues as well as things coming in the March 5th update and beyond. 2/15 addressed abilities and weapon sandbox while the 2/22 TWID touched on PvP changes to expect and a refresh to Prophecy Dungeon loot - check out all the details here.

-Nightfall and GM is Birthplace of the Vile with the Loaded Question weapon reward. Crucible rotators are Clash and Showdown, and bonus Crucible rewards to earn (NOTE: not ranks, rewards). The trio of the week is Root of Nightmares raid, Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, and Presage exotic mission. 

-This week is the calm before a (hopeful) storm that reinvigorates us to jump back in a little more often, so until then, we wait for this week's TWID that might outline more of the content to expect in March and beyond including Guardian Games. Stay classy, Guardians. Cheers!