This Week At The Deep Is Close

-This Week At Truth, we are officially a month away from a new season. This means 4 weeks left for Season of Defiance and the start of Season 21 - Season of the Deep. Here's what to look out for in the coming weeks, as well as some places to listen to a few of your Clan Truth mates that did some podcasting stuff this past weekend.

-Iron Banner is back for the final time this season. Last chances for triumphs, seals, gilding, and decoding stuff from Saladin of his current stock (Destablizing round Hero's Burden, pleeeeeaaaase). This final iteration this season will be Fortress.  

-HyperNet Current is the Nightfall and GM with Wendigo as the weapon. Bonus Vanguard ranks also available this week. Alongside Iron Banner, both Clash and Mayhem will be up this week (ICYMI Crucible nodes updated with the midseason patch). The rotating Pinnacles are Deep Stone Crypt and Shattered Throne.

-Unfortunately Friday night The Destiny Show had some technical issues with their livestream, but I appreciate everyone that tried to tune in. You can find the recordings at the link here on their website/Apple Podcasts. On Sunday onehandedbanditt recorded an episode of The Guardian Feed with Luminous Zero and other Destiny community members to discuss accessibility in Destiny in gaming, that episode can be found at the link here as well. 

-Beware the downtime today - and enjoy your last month of the new season. Guardian Games is right around the corner and we'll have more to speak on with that next week. Cheers!