This Week At Thank You (You're Welcome)

-This Week At Truth, we are truly thankful for a lot of things5 1/2 years ago we started this thing, hoping that clans would be meaningful in D2 and seeing how useful Discord was over group chats and the D2 app, not knowing what it would become. 4 years ago we wrestled it away from people that wanted to turn it into a toxic environment. Since then, we've grown to 7 clan rosters, almost 1,300 Discord members, numerous accomplishments and friends made along the way. Together we've weathered Cayde's death, content droughts, COVID and much more. From all of us at the admin team, we want to say Thank You (You're Welcome) to all of you.

-If you are spending time relaxing, with family and friends, enjoy your week. On Thursday, Shua Verde will be hosting the annual Truthsgiving Hangout in Discord. This is a place where you can pop in, kick back and spend some time together doing Destiny (or not-Destiny) things. All are welcome to join. 

-We have two weeks left this season, and Bungie gave us some insight into the final Community event in this past week's TWAB, where we will be improving the Eliksni Quarter. Collect Captain's Coins from chests, ritual playlists, King's Fall and Dare of Eternity and donate them. There are personal rewards for collecting and donating coins including an emblem, ghost shell, and upgrade materials, as well as global community rewards for hitting milestones. You can read all about it here in last week's TWAB, as well as all of the PvP changes coming next season and in Lightfall. 

-Besides the community event, Alak-Hul and the Lightblade Nightfall is up this week. It should be Mindbender's but the rotation for that weapon has been funky this season. Rift is the Crucible rotator, and this weekend, there's bonus Trials ranks alongside Freelance and Capture Zone Trials. The rotating Pinnacles this week are Vault of Glass and Pit of Heresy. Apologies in advance but no teaching raid from Witty this week due to the holiday and my house being invaded like a sweaty Gambit match by my in-laws. 

-Last call for #holiday_art_picture!!! Must be submitted before December 1st to be included! 

-Thanks to Professor and company for putting on another successful Clan PvP night this past weekend. 

-I am looking forward to next season and what it will bring, but it is also nice to step away, play some other games, do some other things to prevent the burnout. The holidays, while a time to celebrate, can also be a difficult time for many. Keep being excellent to each other, and keep making this place something great, and something we can all be thankful for. Thanks (You're Welcome) again.