This Week At Taking Over This Week At Truth

This week at Truth we have a new TWATer. Oh yes, it's good to be back; I've missed showing my TWAT to you all. Also, stay tuned for a State of the Truth post sometime after this one where we tell you all to look forward to our Truthcase for actual info. Seriously, just hold your breath. These are real things and not just a parody. I never joke.

On an unrelated note, we had a State of the Game post last week which had some good and not so good info on D2. Mostly it just teased the August 22nd showcase later this month. The 22nd also marks the new season, so there's not much time left to wrap up all your seasonal thingamajigs.

As mentioned last week, the new season will bring a reprised raid and a 48 hour Contest raid race which we now know the date for. The raid will drop at reset on September 1st. As is tradition, we'll be posting our Google Form and Spreadsheet if you are looking to tackle the Day 1 raid and need to fill out your team or want to put one together. Remember that this is a reprised raid, so during the 48 hour window you will need to clear it once as well as clear the specific challenge modes of each encounter to claim the Day 1 emblem. The Form and viewable Spreadsheet can both be found in these links as well as in Discord

Our rotators this week are PsiOps Battleground: Moon as the Nightfall and GM. Supremacy and Team Scorched for Crucible with King's Fall for the raid and Grasp of Avarice for the dungeon.

To close this out I'd like to thank our benevolent overlord for forcing Witty out again. It's been too long since the Magic 8-ball has graced our presence so please put forward any questions you wish the All-Knower to answer. Personally I'd like to know definitively if Fiery loves being pinged as much as I think he does. I bet it's more.

Hi @RiseOfBacon