This Week At Stupid Clocks

-This Week At Truth, I'm yelling about the time changes. Not because an hour later for Destiny 2 reset is a major deal, even though it was much more palatable in the US when we were talking about 4AM ET and 5AM ET resets. I am very much an anti-clock-change guy and I know if you have kids/pets/both you probably agree. But enough about time, let us skim some quick info about this week (this pun goes out to Jack S Raymond)

-When you get a massive update like we did last Tuesday, you usually get a pretty empty TWID. Skimmers are awesome - that's the headline. Guardian Games week 1 is over and Hunters unsurprisingly dominated. There's plenty to do still between Supremacy, Nightfall playlists, getting your skimmer (that top 10% Nightfall eluded me all week), banking medals for more loot, or maybe some refreshed Prophecy runs (Prosecutor goes brrrrrrrrrrrr). 

-Week 2 of Guardian Games let's get some loot because lets be honest nobody is catching Hunters. Also more free Bright Dust! The final Riven's Wish quest was also dropped last week which does reward 2 Wish Tokens instead of one if you want to take advantage of that.

-N7 Special Forces Emblem code L3P-XXR-GJ4 

-This week is Lake of Shadows Nightfall and GM. I missed in last week's TWAT that the new Wild Style GL would be the featured weapon, so I am unsure of weapon rotations outside of specified weapons Bungie said in the lead-up TWIDs. BUT it is bonus Vanguard ranks and rewards this week. Crucible rotators are Supremacy and Elimination. Trials this weekend will feature the refreshed Summoner as the Adept. Three musketeers are Garden of Salvation raid, Spire of the Watcher dungeon, and Seraph Shield exotic mission. 

-Here's to another week and maybe I'll actually get my skimmer finally (?). Cheers!