This Week At State of the Truth

 -This Week At Truth, no, I have neither the time nor energy to construct a State of the Truth similar to what Joe Blackburn gave us for the State of the Game. But I can say, as we head into Lightfall, Clan Truth is in a fantastic spot, with 7 clan rosters and over 1,350 members in our Discord. The Hallowed Truth, our most recent roster addition, is still getting built up and we would like to funnel more people into that roster before Lightfall, to strengthen it while still maintaining the high levels of activity and good, quality individuals across all of our rosters. Thank you for helping us make this community into what it has become.

-Joe's State of the Game gave us a lot to look forward to in the coming year. There is no sense in me rehashing it all, but you can check out the whole article here, all 5,000 words. The things I am most excited to  see are weapon focusing and enhancement changes, revamped strikes and GMs having Battlegrounds included as part of the rotation. Also learning not 1 but 2 season names coming up - Season of Defiance and Season of the Deep. There was a lot in there to digest and we will see it all in action over the coming year.

-But right now, we have to focus on this week. Hotfix before reset (RIP checkpoints). We know that the final story quest is live this week, and you have two weeks to complete it and finish up the pre-Lightfall finale. What secrets may unfold are still to be determined, but be sure that anything dealing with the story conclusion only goes in #season-of-ra-ra-rasputinWhen Lightfall drops, that channel will get a name change but will be the main place for discussing the Lightfall and seasonal stories we get starting on 2/28. Lightfall main story will be spoiler content until enough time has passed we feel comfortable with people discussing it openly. 

-This week we also get....more Freelance?! But this time with Zone Control for Trials. The Glassway is the Nightfall and the DFA hand cannon is the weapon that will drop. Mayhem is the Crucible rotator, and the Pinnalce rotators are in Last Wish and Shattered Throne.

-#dresstiny_contest Round 2 voting is live! In Discord, go to the channel and vote for your favorites using the TruthCoin emoji. Also, we very much want to make a new clan montage, but in order to do that, WE NEED CLIPS! The #MONTAGE CLIPS THREAD is open for business in the #creations channel. Drop any clips you want included in there for our soon-to-be updated montage. 

-We are 2 weeks from Lightfall! And that means approximately 3 1/2 weeks from the Day 1 Lightfall raid! ICYMI Contest mode will run for a planned 48 hours this time, giving even more teams a shot at completing it. Every Day 1 raid we put together a nice infographic and set of links to watch our teams compete, you can DM that information to Witty between now and March 9th (Team Name, Team Members, any twitch links to watch your attempts). We also have a Google Form and Spreadsheet, and a #Lightfall Day 1 LFG thread in #lfg_raids to help teams find players if you are still looking. 

-Cheers to the final two weeks of the season, Witch Queen/Season of the Seraph send-off, and what's to come in Lightfall!