This Week At Spooky Season Begins

-This Week At Truth, double digit calendar months begin! Spooky season is upon us. While nothing event-wise should be happening today, we know that October will bring another Iron Banana, Festival of the Lost, and more seasonal stuff. 

-keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal content this week, we appear to only have one more week on the quest so we shall see how it plays out this week.

-Nightfall and GM is the Lightblade - hope you like moths! Loaded Question is the weapon reward this week. Clash and Momentum Control are the Crucible rotators. The trio of rotators this week are the Root of Nightmares raid, Duality dungeon, and Presage exotic mission. 

-Charlie bot added an update for carry stats in raids and dungeons as one of its subsystem pieces of information, if you're curious to see them. 

-"Equal Vessels" is the raid challenge that rotates in this week (Ir Yut), everybody needs to grab the Chalice of Light before a person gets it the second time. Keep an order and get some extra loot! 

-Welcome to October and enjoy your week, Guardians!