This Week At Shiny Weapons and SHINIER GUARDIANS

-This Week At Truth, we've got even more shiny weapons to hunt with 2 new ones, and arguably two of the most anticipated Brave weapons, entering the pool. And we got a taste of how shiny our Guardians will look in The Final Shape with the reveal of the Prismatic subclass! 

-You can check the following links for last week's TWID and Dev Insights on Prismatic subclass to sink into the details of it, but we all lost our collective minds seeing what our Guardians will be capable of in The Final Shape! 

-Since that is still a bit of a way off, let's talk about this week's hype train - more Onslaught and Mountaintop + Midnight Coup return! Onslaught has been a fun little activity addition, and I hope you scored some solid and maybe shiny rolls of last week's drops! Mountaintop and Midnight Coup enter the loot pool for Onslaught this week. 

-Don't forget about the Whisper mission either!

 -We got a tease of what Pantheon will be in TWID also, multiple boss fights at different difficulty levels, with the chance to earn spoils of conquest, special emblems, adept and deepsight raid weapons, and raid exotics! All this starts April 30th. 

-HyperNet Current is the Nightfall and GM, plus bonus Vanguard Ranks AND Nightfall Rewards. I believe its a Warden's Law week (?) but my loot rotation might be off. Scorched and Clash are the Crucible rotators. Trio content is Root of Nightmares raid, Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, and Vox Obscura exotic mission. 

-We know a lot of people are still active or may be returning, some of the clans have plenty of space while others are near capacity, if you have a large consistent group and are willing to move from a very full clan roster to a not-so-full one let the admins know! If you did get removed from a roster for inactivity just send a request for a clan, we now have a system where Charlie will ping the admins to let us know about clan roster requests which has been really nice! 

-Well, there's a lot of fun still to come with Into the Light, have fun this week! Cheers!