This Week At Shameless Charity Plugs

-we're one month away from Risen ending, which means time is ticking on your seasonal checklist. if you like some Banned game modes, you're going to love this week. We have our second Gambit Labs: Mote Thief and some Bonus Gambit ranks to entice1 you to check it out. Instead of the normal mote drain from sending 2+ blockers, motes will drain for every second the invader is near the bank. Steal those motes Guardians!

-this week we get The Lightblade as the Nightfall and Grandmaster strike for all to.....enjoy....that's a word for it. Add in the Comedian as the reward and its...well... something to do, right? We also get Clash rotating in for the Crucible this week.

-For those chasing the Vow of the Disciple seal, we learned very fast just how rough the challenge was for the opening encounter. This week with it being Caretaker challenge (1 knowledge deposit at a time) we progress onwards towards the seal (with hopefully less pain than the opening encounter challenge caused)

-We got a massive Sandbox update preview from TWAB last week which you can check out here - its a lot of words! 

-time for some shameless charity plugs. This week there are many Destiny creators participating in GAHA: Gamers Against Harassment and Abuse. You can check out the schedule of the streamers here  and they will be live over at all week (all times ET) 

-Now for my own shameless plug. This is the 2nd year I will be participating in St. Jude PLAY LIVE - a charity gaming event benefitting St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Gamers across the globe will be raising money towards a massive goal of $4.5Million! Charity towards helping kids with cancer has been something I've actively worked on since I was in my teens, so I'm setting time aside to ensure I can bring our community together to help this cause that's close to me. We don't have a Clan Truth team for this like we did with Game2Give (I'm fundraising as part of the GCX Team), but any donations to myself or any other individual that can benefit St. Jude this month is appreciated. Donations can be given from now until the end of May. Here's the link to donate to me (on or off stream) and below is the list of incentives and milestones I have in store through May

-That's right. I'm giving away a Nintendo Switch to somebody. A brand new, never-taken-out-of-box Nintendo Switch OLED, to somebody who donates $20 or more to my campaign (NOTE: max 1 entry per person, whether you donate $20, $100, or $20 ten times, it is still only 1 entry towards the Switch, can only ship to US or Canada). There's some other incentives up there to help us hit our stretch goals (Forbidden Truth better be ready to hit that $900 goal by the end of May) with some fun raids we will stream and a final stretch goal of getting another Destiny tattoo. I'll also do something fun for the Clan roster that has the largest pool of donations at the end of the event. All of this is to benefit kids who need this more than I do, and if I can incentivize some people to donate for this cause with some fun and a shiny prize as well, then let's get it.  

-Let's show up for some charity events this month and have some fun leading up to the end of this season. Cheers!