This Week At Seasonal Lull!

-This Week At Truth, we're getting to the point of seasonal drag. Most of the story is complete, we know what's going to eventually happen, it is just a matter of when, and the other things highlighted by Bungie for this extended season aren't due until February. Below is the weekly heads-up as well as some information regarding Game2Give and more.

-I don't expect seasonal story stuff besides more Starcrossed runs and another intrinsic for the Wishkeeper bow, but I've been wrong before. If the story has anything you know what to do. 

-PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome is the Nightfall and GM this week, with Warden's Law as the projected weapon. The GM Node will open up as well, so for those gilding Conqueror you should be able to complete any GMs you still have from today on. Control, Mayhem, and Elimination make up the rotators this week for Crucible. Editor's note: I can't tell if Bungie''s tweets about Checkmate pertain to this week because it said "next week" on a Monday but IDK what that means since reset is a TuesdayBonus Trials ranks to dive into this upcoming MLK weekend. Trio rotators are Root of Nightmares raid, Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, and Seraph Shield exotic mission. 

-Game2Give returns next week! Witty will be participating in the fundraising this year so for those looking to donate I'll have a list of incentives and some streams set up so you can bring some pain to me for a good cause. You can check all the incentive details for the fundraiser here as to what in-game stuff you can get. The system is a little different than in the past. $7 equals 1 credit which can be used to get old donation emblems, and more credits can be used to unlock a new sparrow and emblem this time around. Regardless of one's feelings about how Bungie handled things a few months ago, the Bungie Foundation continues to do good work for the Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald House and more!

-If you also plan on doing any fundraising please let Witty know so we can get your info out there next week at reset. Game2Give donations go live on January 18th and run until February 4th.  

-Well, that's kind of it. January is here and let's rock into it! Cheers!