This Week At Ritual Bonanza

-April is upon us, and the first full week of April has a ton of ritual gameplay to dive into, more challenges, and some friendly bantering about whether tis cooler to look like a monster or a Gundam suit. Quick hotfix before reset today (these are becoming a weekly thing, eh?)  so while you're waiting here's some info to gather before you dive in. 

-This week opens up one of our favorite ritual PvE activities - Grandmaster nightfalls. You need to be at 1575 with artifact to enter, and the rewards for completing GMs include the Conqueror seal, Adept weapons (starting with Palindrome and Plug One.1 this week), and Ascendant shards and Enhancement prisms. The Scarlet Keep is up first, but for those who have already completed the Conqueror seal, you have the ability to gild that seal beginning today and access all of the GM nightfalls, instead of having to wait weeks like in the past. Add in some bonus vanguard reputation and its a great week for Nightfalls.

-We also have our first Gambit Labs this week with Invasion Swap: at 25 and 75 motes banked, the other team gets an invasion portal. To get some more folks into the mode we have overlapping bonus rep this week so you'll also get bonus Gambit reputation this whole week as well. 

-For the PvP crowd, Mayhem returns to the rotator playlist and we get Freelance Trials this weekend. Freelance Trials is an additional Trials node and does not replace the team-based Trials playlist. 

-the 3rd Vow of the Disciple challenge is up at the Exhibition encounter, Defenses Down. This name doesn't quite hint at much but as always expect to see the solutions posted in Discord pretty quickly. 

-For MechsVsMonsters here's the steps to casting your vote and earning an in-game emblem along the way. Before tomorrow (April 6) make sure you have the settings for receiving Bungie emails  (I know this is a pain point for many, I'm just copying what was in the TWAB). Check your emails between April 7 and April 13 for a link to vote. On April13th the polls close, and on April 19th the Broken Barriers emblem will be distributed to all players who cast a vote . (TWAT-author note, this author is decidedly Team Mechs and will hear no such slander about the topic, Monsters are about to lose 2 years in a row). 

-So much to do this week in so little time. Definitely make use of the LFG channels and pingable roles for attacking those GMs, raids or even some Gambit (if you really want to, I guess) We are nearing another Discord milestone of 1,100 active members! I'll be spending the weekend trying to gild my Conqueror seal and suffering through the enjoyment of it all.

Cheers, y'all! Witty