This Week At Raid Date.....But Which Raid?

-This Week At Truth, it's the final week of Solstice! Last chance to grab your armor pieces and ash, create some stat distributions, earn the Solstice loot and blow up enemies in the EAZ. This is you last opportunity to grab any of those items,  unlock your glows or purchase the Eververse ones this week. 

-We got a raid date! Much to my own chagrin, September 1st is going to be the reprised raid of......we don't know. And probably won't find out until the August 22nd Showcase before the launch of Season 22. As is tradition, we'll be posting our Google Form and Spreadsheet if you are looking to tackle the Day 1 raid and need to fill out your team or want to put one together. Remember that this is a reprised raid, so during the 48 hour window you will need to clear it once as well as clear the specific challenge modes of each encounter to claim the Day 1 emblem. The Form and viewable Spreadsheet can both be found in these links as well as in Discord

-With the last week of Solstice we also have Fallen SABER as the Nightfall and GM, with the Loaded Question as the reward. Clash and Mayhem are the Crucible rotators. Vow of the Disciple is the Raid rotator and Prophecy is the rotator Dungeon. 

-If anyone is going to GCX this weekend, have fun and take lots of pictures! Myself and StCephalopod went last year and had a blast. Sadly I am venturing on my own vacation Monday and could not swing a trip to Florida the same weekend. Hoping to be back next year, and hoping they move it away from August dates and back to June next summer. 

-Speaking of vacations, I'll be on hiatus for the next two TWATS while I roam around Europe. Another admin will take over TWAT responsibility, or maybe we'll just let ChatGPT write it up instead. Either way, this is the last weekly update from me until Showcase day and the start of Season 22 in 3 weeks. In the meantime, prepare for a few more TWIDs and standalone articles, work on your bounty prep if you should so choose, and welcome to August! Season 22 is only a few short weeks away!