This Week At Radioactive Spiderman Things

-This Week At Truth, we get a glimpse at the new Spiderman things we get to do in Lightfall! At 10AM ET, with a Strand Trailer set to premiere this morning. Check out the link there, as well as the weapons trailer from last week here in case you missed it. 

-With 3 weeks left we are prepping our bounties and getting the gear we want ready for Lightfall. There is no story stuff this week, with the final seasonal/pre-Lightfall quest coming next reset on the 14th. I know many of us are taking the time to get ourselves ready in-game, physically and mentally for the next Destiny 2 update

-This week, Corrupted is the Nightfall and Grandmaster, with Militia's Birthright as the weapon you can earn upon completions. Rift is the Crucible rotator, and this weekend we have Freelance Trials alongside bonus Trials ranks. Your Pinnacle rotators are in Vow of the Disciple and Duality. 

-Big announcement this week from The Destiny 2 Team was that the Lightfall raid will have a 48-hour contest mode, meaning even more players can potentially complete it to earn the contest mode clear and emblem. On Jan 24th we posted links in Discord to help teams organize fireteams for the Day 1 raid, we will re-post those as well. Be sure to check the 'Responses' spreadsheet if you are looking for a team, looking for players, etc. We will also be adding a #LightfallDay1LFG thread under #lfg_raids 

-Fashion contest ALERT! We had a surprise announcement. Submit entries in #dresstiny_contest by Monday Feb 13th. Limit one entry per person. Tag your entries as either for "Vaporwave Hotness" for the vaporwave aesthetic and color scheme or "Sunday Best" for the clean and fancy look. We are also putting together a new Clan montage so you can throw your clips into the #MONTAGE CLIPS THREAD in the #creations channel for that! 

-Reminder to finish all your red-border weapons before Lightfall. Any existing red border weapons will lost their resonance when Lightfall drops, so complete them now and extract the patterns or lose the neutral elements. No hoarding reds into Lightfall

-That's it for this week - see you on the other side of the Strand trailer! Cheers!