This Week At Pantheon

-This Week At Truth, we've got a Pantheon to conquer! Our newest new activity, Pantheon, opens this week. Pantheon will only be around until The Final Shape so you've got a limited time to try and tackle this PvE challenge. You can earn a new Godslayer seal, raid exotics, spoils and sweet new emblems! The first run consists of 4 bosses with a +5 power difficulty, get your raid team ready for one final PvE challenge before The Final Shape. 

-Speaking of PvE challenges, we've got some ways for you to get into The Final Shape Day 1 raids. Whether it's through our Day 1 Interest Google Form posted in Discord, or just making your own thing in #lfg_event_schedule 

-Bungie gave us some news on the new enemy faction and types we'll be facing off with soon, as well as a big info-dump on how Power Levels will change in The Final Shape (including the sunsetting of.....sunsetting), there's a lot there to cover so i'll defer to the 4/25 TWID so you can read it all in context. 

-Besides Pantheon, we've got more Iron Banner! The final one of this elongated season arrives, last chance for IB weapons and to turn in those engrams. The last Brave weapons - Luna's Howl and Blast Furnace - arrive in Onslaught and their respective questlines. 

-The Corrupted is the Nightfall and GM this week. Clash and Showdown are the rotators this week alongside IB, as well as a new Crucible Labs mode: Hardware - guns only no abilities. Bonus Gambit ranks if that's your thing too. Trio stuff includes Garden of Salvation raid, Spire of the Watcher dungeon ,and Presage exotic mission. 

-Should be a verrrrry busy couple of weeks to round out the season (we still have 2 weeks until Zero Hour returns too!) I hope you're all having fun and getting pumped for the culminating arc of our Light/Dark saga. I'll be diving into Pantheon this weekend but until then - cheers!