This Week At Now What Do We Do?

-This Week At Truth, we are figuring out things to do. With the seasonal story concluded, we now sit with approximately half of the season to go. So you may be asking yourself "What do?" We will cover the weekly items as well as throw some ideas out there. We know that the this year's iteration of Solstice is coming soon, so I'd expect maybe some news about that in TWAB this week. But the season ends August 23rd, which means you've got some time to do things in-game (or not in-game if you're feeling a little burnt out and want to dabble in some other stuff. It is summer so it is perfectly acceptable to go touch some grass, sand, or whatever)

-Iron Banner is back this week. Worth mentioning because this season only has 2 instances of Iron Banner. This is number 2. Your final chance to get weapons, armor, rank ups, resets, and maybe finish off the newly introduced Iron Banner Seal. Make Saladin proud. 

-With Iron Banner we also get the traditional bonus ranks in Crucible. This week's rotator is Scorched (note: last week's tooltip said Scorched when it was actually Momentum Control, it should be Scorched this week which is also in the tooltip)

-Not feeling the PvP vibes? You can still do Nightfalls and Grandmas! I myself need to knock out some more but I'm taking my time to get the latest gilded Conqueror. This week is Kargen and Insight Terminus, and the DFA is up as the nightfall loot. (sidenote - I'm doing a lot of these today apparently - triple Leviathan's Breath. Meta? Maybe not. Enjoy turning a GM bossfight into a silly exercise? Thank me later). 

-Your weekly rotators are Vault of Glass and Grasp of Avarice. Want that Vault of Glass seal? All the challenges are up when it is the weekly rotator. Farm Atheon for some chances at Vex Mythoclast too! 

-As of writing this, the Bungie Day Giving Festival has raised over $770,000!!!!! An outstanding job by the community at-large. You all have knocked it out of the park supporting our very own Shua Verde in his efforts for this event. He's currently at $1,885 raised and sitting at #70 for fundraising for the entire event! You can continue to support Shua on stream and off stream by donating at this link  while he raises money for a good cause! Because Shua hit his first milestone over the weekend during his featured Bungie Day stream - a future TITS interview with Shua's mom,  you can submit your questions for her by using the link here! 

-With it also being Prime Day, might I suggest making your purchases through  and supporting a near-and-dear Destiny organization in Guardians Mental Health as part of your Amazon purchases. 

-We have some emblems from this past week's Bungie Day orders  to give away (sidenote - got some extras from your orders? Let an admin know so we can add it to the giveaway pile! . On the discord post, tag this with the :shuahello: emoji to be entered. Depending on supply, winners will be drawn next Tuesday and contacted in order for their emblem preferences. The supply will include a limited number of the following emblems: 

Solar Flair (Bungie Day 2022 Pin emblem) 

Emblem Detail: Solar Flair - Destiny Emblem Collector

Heritage Eternal (Select Bungie Day item purchases)

Emblem Detail: Heritage Eternal - Destiny Emblem Collector

Leviathan's Gift Shop (Bungie Store purchase during the current season)

Emblem Detail: Leviathan's Gift Shop - Destiny Emblem Collector



-This Saturday, July 16th, starting around 6PM ET, get into the Clan spirit with a Clan PvP night! Professor will be hosting a Clan PvP night in Discord. There is an event you can RSVP to (Discord event, not a Charlie bot one) and all comms will be hosted in Discord as well. Looking forward to seeing a good turnout!

-If you're sitting there lacking in things to do for the next few weeks, turn on some of the LFG pings and hop into some raids or dungeons, help some new people out if you can. Maybe set up one of those tougher LFGs you need with plenty of notice to get a team together. We are close to another Discord milestone of 1,200 people - and the way we've gotten there is by building a community of friends that help and assist in whatever ways we can. Keep the spirit strong and enjoy! --Witty

PS: It's IamTheBat712's 34th birthday today. He's an original Corrupted Truth member from when we founded the clan, and my best friend since high school. He doesn't use discord much, and I don't even think he knows about the website, so he will never see this anyway. He's currently on a birthday getaway in East Bumblefuck, Michigan getting drunk every day in the woods. Here's a stupid picture of him passed out in the pool from last weekend to embarrass him since he won't see this. Cheers!